A Behind-the-Scenes Look at ID Grips for the Logitech G9 Laser Mouse

A few weeks ago, we announced ID Grips for the Logitech G9 mice in the U.S. We’ve had a lot of interest in the product, so as a follow-up, I’d like to share this behind-the-scenes video that shows how we create these customized grips. Enjoy!


Director of Product Marketing, Mice


  • why dont u make usefull device for Linux/ubuntu?
    Why dont u make usefull SetPoint for your customer?
    U have most expensive device and i like use that but why i must use Windows for to use your keyboard or Mice effectifly?

    Our money/dollars that spent for buy a Logitech mice/Keyboard has dont have Benjamin picture? Or Our Money less importan windows OS users?
    I spent more than 500 $ but cannot use it effectifly.

  • This mouse has changable grips yet both are far too small!
    The whole mouse needs to be 25% bigger. how about some usefull grips rather than just pictures please. Due to the small size I find is causes poor accuracy and wrist strain.
    This is ment to be a gaming mouse. Most people I know have the same size hand as me….

    • Hi Graeme,

      Thanks for the feedback. I realize that some G9 customers out there would prefer a larger grip. We have created a larger grip, the ID grip, which today is only available for sale in the U.S. on Logitech.com. We are trying to expedite plans to release this grip for sale in other parts of the world, but as of today, it is not yet available. Also, we do have two widely available mice, the G5 and MX518, that offer the larger shape for those who prefer a big mouse. The G9 was seeking to appeal to a range of gamers, including those who prefer a smaller mouse.

      Gamers prefer a lot of different types of mouse shapes for gaming, which is why you see so many different shapes out in the market. Unfortunately, no one size fits all.


  • I was considering buying one of these to replace my first generation Logitech G5 (single side button), as the the tilt-wheel eventually became unresponsive when using side-scroll (Button 5 and 6). However, the size and shape concerns me, as I also need it for graphic design and editing and high-end gaming so prolonged usage has to come into the picture.

    My inquiry, I always hear the ID grip is bigger then the wide-grip packaged with the G9/G9x, but cannot find a single comparison shot (say to G5/the old grip, etc.) to get an idea of how much bigger. How much taller is the palm, how much wider, and what’s the material like (is it a very-hard rubberized material like the G5/G7 or softer), etc.?

    Honestly, other then finding out it’s vaguely bigger in a customer review then the wide-grip, there is a lack of information considering it’s such an expensive mouse combination (we are talking roughly $130 before S&H and tax). So it’s essentially competing price wise with the Razer Mamba for the most expensive gamer mouse.

    I think everyone just wants to see the look or shape of an MX Revolution / MX1100 / G5 with the power of the G9/G9X under the hood. We haven’t really seen a new gamer mouse with that shape, incredible look, or size from Logitech in awhile. So coming out with a new shell or grip for the mouse that fits that bill would probably make a bunch of people happy.

    (Not to mention when this grip was announced some articles and video reviews kept mentioning you could custom tailor the surface texture, color, shape, size, and picture and it ended up only being the picture was somewhat of a letdown).

    • Hi Jason,

      Thanks for the feedback — we are currently working on providing improved content on our Web site to include information about our mouse shapes and size. On the ID grip product pages on Logitech.com, you\’ll find the following information.

      Technical Specifications:
      – Length: 11.5 cm
      – Width: 8.5 cm
      – Height: 3.5 cm
      – Weight (Grip only): 45 g
      – Weight (Grip plus G9 mouse, no cord): 133 g
      – Plastic grip with soft-touch coating
      – Ink-infused plastic panel

      The ID grip does not have the same DryGrip coating that is found on the sides of the G5 Laser Mouse. Instead, it is a soft-touch coating more similar to that used on the MX518. Here are some informal photos showing how the ID grip compares to the G5 (as well as the existing Wide Load/XL grip shipping with current G9x), so hopefully this helps give you more perspective on how the grip stacks up.

      Those who prefer the larger, more palming-style shape of the G5 and MX518 usually find the ID grip for the G9 to be more suitable. While we do\’nt have anything to announce, we are aware that the G5 could use a little update. 🙂

      Ciao, Erik

  • Thanks Erik,

    The comparison photos helped and it’s definitely closing in on the size and shape of it’s bigger brothers, which is just enough from me to give it a test drive now. I have one suggestion based on that photo of the bottom and with the grips growing in size. You might want to consider adding more small Polytetrafluoroethylene feet to right-side and back-end of the grip. It feels like the grips might otherwise drag a bit if enough pressure is applied in a given way, is off-balance slightly, or hangs on a side more then another.

    My only remaining concern, something I found out when continuing to research the mouse is an issue with the prepackaged G9 (not sure about the G9x) grips (sounds more like the wide-grip) will easily begin flaking and peeling when rubbed against the skin. Is the new ID Grip suffering the same issue or will I need to regularly call Logitech for replacements?

    (I could probably fix that problem myself by either striping the material down and replacing it with something better or soaking it in a solution to coat it.)

    In any case, I look forward to more G9 grips and any new G-Series mice that manage to make their way to retail. Maybe, even use this grip idea for the next G-Series mice as well, with more chooses in grip shapes, textures, color, etc.

    • Hi Jason,

      The initial G9 units had an issue with paint flaking or peeling on some of the Wide Load/XL grips. We have since improved the specifications and changed vendors for improved durability, and the ID grip does have this improved coating. If someone has an issue with an early unit though, they can contact customer support for a replacement grip.


  • I know you are trying to make this avaliable in the rest of the world. But might I suggest making the pre-built grips avaliable first…

    I know it will take a long time to make the custom picture service avaliable since it requires web site translation, local processing facilities etc. But for those of us who do not want their own pictures, how about shipping say 10 of your most popular pre made picture grips (flurry, etc) to resellers in a few countries outside the US. I don’t think that would take to long to set-up and would keep most people happy.

  • How about even the option of international dispatch from your US website to at least give people the option until things are setup elsewhere.

    • Hi Mat,

      Thanks for your feedback. We are currently planning to make pre-made ID grips available in Europe on the Logitech.com site and select retailers. We expect to be able to make these available for sale by the end of July but will post an official update on the blog as soon as we have firm dates.


  • Will it also be available in other areas besides Europe because im in New Zealand and am very interested in purchasing one not worried about a personal pic though i would just like a grip that is good for the longer sessions.

  • Hello,

    the ID Grip still not available in Europe.

    not in amazon not in anywhere but logitech US,

    i live in kuwait/ middleast and still in kuwait, the G19 is not there, the G9x is not there and ofcourse the ID GRIPS are NOT THERE. i cant buy from logitech US because my credit card is issued in Kuwait no in the US.


    p.s: i’ve been looking for a solution for this for the past 4 weeks.

    • Hi Mohannad,

      Unfortunately the G9 grip is only available in the U.S. for now. We will post an official update on the blog as soon as we have firm dates.


  • Hi

    How about making these available, and possibly in a wider variety of shapes, without a picture at all and at an appropriately reduced price. I couldn’t care less about a picture that will be covered by my hand while my eyes are looking at the screen, often in a dark room.

    Why not a $10 non-picture equivalent. You’d be sure to sell them quickly.

    For the most part I like this mouse and it’s really improved my game but, I’m about to give up on it because my claw style grip is uncomfortable if not causing injury. I bought this mouse largely on the “unrealized” promise of finding just the right grip to fit my style but this mouse has features that other mice don’t and that I’ve come to find indispensable. Suggesting a person “buy” a lesser mouse when this mouse is capable of being adapted is not what I would call helpful. You’re missing a golden opportunity by not taking full advantage of the potential interchangeable grips offers. Pictures on 1 new grip style is the best you can do?

  • I’m a long time user of this mouse and i absolutely love it. Anyway, in my AUTOCAD class we decided to make a 3d drawing of any object, i decided on the logitech g9 mouse. I’d appreciate it if anyone could supply some extra dimensions like arc length and what not.

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