New Logitech G9 Customized Grips

I’m intrigued by the various mods I’ve seen gamers make to their gaming machines. There is some really amazing stuff out there – great lighting, cool paint jobs, amazing water-cooling systems, and then there amazing total-system mods like the ones I saw at this year’s Maker Faire in San Mateo, California.

So, as you can imagine, I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of mods our customers will design for our new G9 customized grips. If you own a G9 Laser mouse, you can now customize it by adding an image you choose. You can choose to add your guild logo, a family photo, or you can choose from among several designs we’ve developed (including a few from Command & Conquer Red Alert 3).

The ability to mod the grip isn’t the only new feature – this is also a new grip shape. For those of you who’ve been asking for a larger, even-more-comfortable grip for the G9, this puppy is for you. Our goal was to provide the shape of our popular G5 mouse with the performance and features of the G9 mouse.

We are very excited to launching this new service and look forward to your feedback. If you think your design is particularly creative, feel free to send it to so we can post the best designs.


Director of Product Marketing, Mice


  • $20 is a bit much for a new grip. I like the larger grip that came with my G9, except the skin is peeling off everywhere. It’s very annoying.

  • Hi MadGamer — great question!

    As you can imagine, creating personalized grips and delivering them in a timely fashion is challenging. To make sure we deliver on quality, and on time, we’re launching in the U.S. first. Our goal is to make this service available worldwide, bur for right now, we have nothing else to announce …sorry. I’ll let you know when we have more news!


  • yeah, waitin in europa :]

    will we be able to get prints on the original g9 grips? like Nathan said – we have problem with one of the grips. 😛

  • I also have the problem Nathan described, the “skin” of the larger more comfortable grip seems to peel off. That actually already started to happen after half a year of normal use and it’s really becoming more and more annyoing!

    Does Logitech know of this problem and have changed the surface of the new customizable grips? Only then I might consider buying one of these …

    • Hi Nathan, jj and Aramir,

      The peeling you’re experiencing is a known problem for some customers that purchased early units. As a result, we have changed suppliers and the specifications for the soft-touch material that provides the satin finish. If you contact Customer Support, they can send you a grip with the new material.

      Hope that helps,

  • Hello Eric,

    First of all thank you for helpful reply, it’s actually really nice to get some answers from someone who’s not just part of the usual customer support staff 🙂

    Regrettably I haven’t been able to aquire a replacement for my g9 grip yet, mainly because your german customer support (I am german customer obviously) keeps telling me that they already used up all existing replacement grips! They advised me now to use the 2 year warranty we have in germany and return my G9 to the online shop where I bought it. This would then mean that I’d have to wait about 4-6 weeks before I’d get a replacement. I now really think that it’s pretty stupid to cause me (and all Logitech employees involved in such a replacement procedure) that much effort simply because a rather cheap replacement part is allegedly no longer available. Can it really be that hard to restock on this part, especially since it is well known that there were some quality problems with some of the first produced grips? At this point I really have to say that I’m dissappointed with your support for one your top of the line products, but if you don’t have another offer then I have no other option than to do without my G9 for a while and go for that replacement option 🙁

  • Pleeeeeease make them available in Germany soon. 🙂

    I loved my MX500 so much but the new Setpoint for Vista didn’t support it, so I bought a G9.

    So this G5 shaped grip would be perfect since I never really got used to the shape of the G9.
    And also I have the same problem as Aramir with the german customer support. The skin of my comfort grip is peeling of and I can’t get an replacement.

    Best Regards


  • When will be be aviliable in UK?
    Is there any brief time when will it be aviliable?

    Love the G9, easy and cool, but prefer the G5 shape and size, so i’m bit anxious for it to be released in the uk

    • Hi Sam and Sandro,

      Thanks for the interest from Europe. The customized grips are still only available in the U.S., but your interest helps us make a case for expansion. As I said earlier, I’ll be sure to update you if/when that happens.

      Best, Erik

  • Hi Erik

    You said that the peeling problem is only found on early units but how can i know if i bought one of these early units? Maybe a number on the box can give me this information. Also, i had a MX700 since 2002 and i loved the shape, similar to the G5. So i want to buy the new grip for my G9 only because of the shape, whatever the designs. I hope it will be available in Canada soon.

    • Hi Peter,

      All G9 mice carry a 3-year warranty that covers the grip, so you should be okay.

      Ciao, Erik

  • Hi,

    The customized grips look great, hope to see those in Europe soon.
    I am also looking forward to the g19… I luv my g15 but g19 looks so much cooler 🙂

  • What?! Not available anywhere else than the US. From the looks of these replies, it’s been a while… what are you guys waiting for anyways? With the economic times, things like this should be ready to go ASAP!

    I’m in Canada and I want one as the shells that come with the mouse are too small for my hands. Either that or I return this nice mouse… jeesh!

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for your e-mail — we want to understand the interest in this product outside the U.S., so I appreciate you taking the time to weigh in. There are many logistics involved in creating personalized grips, and since this is a new area for us, we’ve made the decision to focus on one market to make sure we do a good job and can work through issues as they arise. So far the process is going well, so I’m sure we’ll be revisiting availability once we all feel confident about expanding.

      Best, Erik

  • if someone in u.s can buy some and put it on ebay, i think you can make some money of out this 😉 be sure to make your auction worldwide btw =)

  • I think most of the people are interrested into the bigger grip and not really the possibiliy of getting some custom pics on the mouse. Doesn’t seem to be a problem for me to send some to europe. Love the mouse, but the small grip makes you think of alternatives.
    Greeting from Slovakia.

  • Hi Erik, i just bought the G9 to replace my old Mx500 and so far it’s doing great… Apart from its shape. I really am not interested in customising the mouse with pics, all i want is a bigger grip as i have big hands. The Mx500 was much more comfy for me, even the large grip of the G9 doesn’t help. So all i want is a bigger grip… Available in Europe too! (i’m from Italy). Hope something can be done. Thanks.

  • Hi there.
    Still no shipping outside of U.S.? We understand it is not easy to arrange all the logistics but we still want some of those bigger grips here in Europe! With the pictures or without – it doesn’t really matter 🙂 The G9 is a great mouse and the concept with changing grips according to your needs is almost genial but since there aren’t any grips to choose from right now besides the two orginal ones …

    Really looking forward to this big one – take this as another vote for distributing them in EU 😉

  • Make sure you get them out here to Australia too, with or without the picture on it.
    I’ve just recently replaced my old MX700 with the G9 and while the performance is infinitely better, it is so uncomfortable to use. I need a bigger grip or I’m going to have to return it in favour of a lesser product that factors ergonomics into it’s design. Very frustrating.

  • Thanks for all the great info and keeping folks in the loop on this Erik. Especially thanks for the heads up on the peeling grips being a known issue, I’ve contacted customer services about mine hope I can get it replaced. Oh and I too am looking forward to the ID grip being availible in Canada.

  • Another serious request for these to be available ASAP in Australia, we have big hands!!!

    Maybe it would be easier if you just shipped standard designs O/S and left the custom pics for the US market.

    And TBH, Why can’t you just make one with a standard texture? I’m sure many people don’t really want a picture on their mouse, and it would be much easier to supply O/S markets with something that doesn’t have a bunch of variations.



  • We totally need these in Europe! My only issue with this mouse is that it is a little bit too small. Sound like this grip would solve the issue.

  • Hello Erik

    I am VERY interested in the ‘new’ ID grip for the G9. I just got my G9 today only to find out that the grip is not quite as large as i hoped for.

    I sincerely hope that the ID grip will be available i Europe in the very near future. I tried to buy the grip via the US site. But i found out only US-states are available, to my great disatisfaction… 🙁

    I checked out the Danish site – and was happy to see that on the site the ID grip too is mentioned, but the link ‘un-clickable’ :(( This fact is creates an image of Logitech, which is not as professionel as i regarded Logitech to be.

    Anyways should you feel up to it, I sure would like an ID grip – especially the ‘Trance’ -ID grip has caught my eye 😀

    Regards from an ID grip-wanting european.

    Thomas Christiansen

  • I live in the US, but I agree with the others that a plain version of the grip would be great. I don’t need a picture or graphics or anything, but I would like a longer grip for those times where I want to palm my mouse. Having it be a few bucks cheaper than the customized version wouldn’t hurt either, and like the others said it ought to make overseas supply a lot easier.

    On a somewhat related note, I’d like to voice my only other complaint about my G9. I like that the scroll wheel can switch between smooth and notched, but it doesn’t work nearly as nice as I’d hoped. In particular, the smooth setting would be a lot better if you could adjust the sensitivity even lower. As smooth as it is it would be great if it could scroll smoothly down a web page like the drivers on my Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 do. The current drivers leave the scrolling action way too jerky (too large of steps).

    The scroll wheel middle button is awfully hard to press too (although I’m sure that has to do with the difficulty of designing the clutch for the smooth/notched setting), and the notched setting is mushy in comparison to a couple of Razer mice I’ve used. Overall, I think I actually prefer the Razer scroll wheel design. It’s more elegant to use, because smooth scrolling is easily achieved by using the middle button scrolling feature in browsers, but the G9 is so difficult to press down on the button that I rarely do that. Combined with the mushy notched scrolling setting of the G9 versus the well defined yet smooth notches of the Razer mice, I have to admit that in this respect that the G9 is inferior.

    However, in the most important aspects the G9 is superior IMO. The shapes of both of the grips are excellent, with good support of my hand but no gouging in to my palm. The size is good for my smallish hands, but I feel like it would still be good for bigger hands too. The on-the-fly dpi adjustment is excellent and far better than anything else I’ve seen, and the tracking is very accurate. Maybe the G9 doesn’t look quite as good as some of the other mice, but it’s just so comfortable and functional that I can’t really complain.

    I guess I should note that I do general web browsing and applications; extensive photo organization and editing (I have nearly 200,000 of my own photos on my computer); and finally I play fps, action and racing games.

    A mostly happy customer,

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