Logitech Squeezebox Adds Music from Napster, Mediafly and Classical.com

In my last post a bit over a month ago, I talked about a number of new services available on our Squeezebox and Transporter products. Well, we’re doing it again. Today, I’d like to welcome Napster, Classical.com, and Mediafly as the newest members of the Squeezebox community.

Napster, as we all probably know, now provides users on-demand access to a music library of roughly seven million tracks. It’s available to Squeezebox users in Canada, the U.S., the U.K., and Germany. Classical.com serves up classical, jazz and blues music anywhere in the world. Mediafly does for news and talk radio what the others do for music. Available worldwide, Mediafly streams interactive, personalized channels for leading news and talk shows from the major media outlets around the world.

These services are available now and will work with every Squeezebox product ever shipped (going all the way back to the first SLIMP3!). How’s that for lasting value?


Director of Business Development


  • “These services are available now and will work with every Squeezebox product ever shipped (going all the way back to the first SLIMP3!)”

    Is this really the case ? I have an SB1 and it refuses to play tracks from Napster. It appears to work partially because I can see my Napster Library, so it must have logged into my Napster account OK but I always get “Credentials Failed” as soon as I try to play (stream) a track from Napster.

    I’d assumed it was because Napster was tied into Squeezenetwork and my SB1 “is not new enough” to work with Squeezenetwork, atleast thats the message I get when trying to connect my SB1 to Squeezenetwork.

  • Hi Matt, is it possible to use the Squeezebox as wifi speakers as well? What I mean is can I use my VCL or Windows Media Player on my Windows PC to simply stream the music to the device? Or do I have to use the software on the Squeezebox to play the files that are on my server? Thanks, for your help. Andy

    • Hi Andy,

      The Squeezebox software on your computer provides the necessary control for the Squeezebox players so you will have to install SqueezeCenter to play your music that you manage using Windows Media Player. I suggest you also check our our forums and list of plug-ins that the community has developed. You might find something you can use there to enhance your listening experience.

      If you have an NAS drive, you might be able to run Squeezecenter on it so you can stream music with your computer off. There are several NAS vendors that support Squeezecenter. You can find more information on our partners page on our Web site.

      Happy listening,


  • Hi Matt,

    Unfortunately I find the Squeezecenter software to be rather slow and frustrating to use. Are there any plans to create a faster and more user friendly software or even to allow you to use Windows Media Player in the future?

    I really like the squeezebox and the sound is fantastic but it is rather let down by the software.

  • Napster isn’t the only one to have these issues with 3rd party products. Hard to find a product that works that you can just stick with!

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