New: Logitech G9x Laser Mouse

With more customizable features other gaming mice, the Logitech G9x Laser Mouse features on-the-fly adjustable dpi from 200 to 5000 dpi, making it easy to go from pixel-precise targeting to lightning-fast maneuvers without pausing the action. The G9x mouse includes two interchangeable, snap-on grips that let you choose a fit and feel that’s best for your playing style. The G9x mouse also features onboard memory – program up to five ready-to-play profiles and the weight-tuning system gives you up to 28 grams of extra weight.


Director of Product Marketing, Gaming Business Unit


  • Please start remaking the mx310 mouse. It’s one of the best mouse ever built. I’m asking this because mine has broke down after years of intensive gaming and daily usage. I can’t believe how hard it can be to get one here in Romania because none of the stores commercialize it any more.
    Thank you and i hope for an answer.

    • Hi Stefan,

      I’m glad that you loved the MX310 mouse and it sounds like it saw many a good battle. After many successful years on the market, the MX310 is no longer produced. During the past few years, we’ve come up with several new designs, features and technology advancements specifically targeting the gaming market. May I suggest the G5, G9 or the MX518 as a replacement. They offer a comfortable design and new tracking sensors that deliver superior performace for gaming as well as daily tasks.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Honestly,is this a blog or a press release? A blog is supossed to represent honest employee opinions, not biost corporate BS. We would appreciate reading a bit more objective/ersonable articles.

  • Mice are all well and good, but how about trackballs? You guys haven’t released a new on in awhile. As a researcher, I have very limited table space, so a mouse is not an option. (My keyboard and a marble mouse don’t fit in the area I have. I have to let the keyboard hang off the edge of the table.) I like the trackman optical, but wireless is not an option. (wireless signals will interfere with my experiments. Yes, they are that sensitive.) I don’t like thumb-contolled trackballs (my hand cramps up), so the marble mouse is my only option, but it is really spare (would it be too much to ask for a scrollwheel? How about something that is not 20% smaller than my hand?).

    How about releasing a wired version of the optical or, even better, a new lineup with updated tech. (Take some hints on shape and tech from the discontinued Microsoft trackball explorer, my favorite trackball ever. They sell for $200+ on ebay, used, so they must have done something right. If nothing else, it’s the perfect size for my hands.)

    Why do the mice get all the love? I’m not asking for 20 different kinds like your mice, but keeping your trackball using customers happy is important too.

    (posted here because i cannot find a place to e-mail you guys for suggestions/requests.)

  • Could you possibly provide the estimated release date (uk, germany) for the G9x?
    Would love to know when it will be on amazon.
    : )

    • The Logitech G9x will be available in Europe in the next few months. No specific date is available at this time.

  • Looks a bit bulky but it’s nice to see the interchangeable grips for different palm size. Somehow I find that my Razer DeathAdder is not as comfortable as people say

  • G9x and G13 (and G19?) for lefties!
    It can’t be too difficult for you to design this products for left handed users. For example the mini joystick of the G13: this can be a module which can be cliped to the ohther side of the G13 and will be connected with a small cable(?) underside the G13.
    OK, it’s a bit more difficult to design the G9x mouse. But I’m sure only YOU can make it happen 🙂
    You produce very good high price products and I’m willing to pay a bit more for the left handed versions.
    That will be a unique feature on this market.

    • Hi RandElement,

      It’s a nice idea, but I think you’d be surprised at how much work is required to develop and manufacture a left-handed version. 🙂 The G9x is loaded with technology and each part is carefully mounted within the casing of the mouse. Many of those parts can’t simply be flipped over, so it would be a major project to try to fit them all in a completely new shape. That said, we do manufacture the MX610 Left-Hand Cordless Mouse, so be sure to check it out!

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hello, was wondering when the release for this is. because i have two G9’s that are dead, and was hoping to trade two for a G9X when it’s released. Thank You.

  • Hi,

    Is it really confortable?

    I am not a gamer but would like something to rpalce my Logitech G5.

    What about MX Revolution? Which one of those feels better?

    What I like about G5 is its weight + can easilly access button on the lft side (back function).

  • I just bought myself a G5 on Amazon for £27.99, to replace my RX650. I was originally going to wait for the Razer Mamba, but decided to go with the G5. What a great mouse this is!

  • ThanksRuben, really appreciate it. By the way David, i tried the mamba the other day. Though it has a better dpi at 5600 Dpi, the polling rate is slower than the upcoming G9x. The feel of the mamba is just kinda…iunno can’t explain it. just not right. I prefer my current G9 design over it.

  • I expect I am in the minority, but I was wondering if there will be a wireless version of this or has Logitech decided wireless gaming mice aren’t viable?

    • Hi Stewart, at this point, we don’t have any plans for a wireless version of the G9x. However, we still carry the G7 Laser Cordless Mouse online in the U.S., and we I can also recomment the MX1100 for gamers who want wireless performance with some gaming features such as dpi switching and programmable buttons. We understand that many have traditionally preferred corded gaming mice but that there is certainly a growing population of gamers who prefer the convenience of wireless gaming, so thanks for weighing in!

      Cheers, Ruben

  • MX610 mouse i have one but don’t use it. Not any good for gaming why cannot the existing mouse be upgraded. I would buy another one.That would not take a whole lot of effort on your part to do this. Sorry but as the MX610 is now it is pretty useless!!

    • Hi Vygantas,

      I have to say that comfort is a personal decision. Your best bet is to go to a store and try each one for yourself.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hey, I have seen the custom pictures on the G9x grips. I love my G5 very very very much, but it is too big for my grip style. Do you have any plans to make a electric cracked blue grip for the G9x similar to the G5? If not, is there any way that I could get one that FEELS like the G5?

  • P.S: I realise that you can order custom made grips, but what I meant to ask is: are there any plans to make a G5 skin over the entire grip?

  • I had a G7 cordless but unfortunately it broke, the more unfortuante part is even though its under warranty neither the retailer where i purchased it from or logitech are willing to fix the problem. Each tells me to speak to the other. But that aside i want a gaming grade mouse but wish for something cordless. I am sceptical of the G9x it just doesnt look very comfortable like the G7 was. The G7 was absolutly fantastic and i wish it was still manufactered in Australia. There is no other product like it, but im in desperate need of a new mouse for gaming 🙁

    • Hi Jesse,

      While I can’t comment on the customer-support part of your post since I don’t know the details, I think you’ll find the G5 to be very similar to the G7 in terms of its shape and features.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Is the release date for Germany still valid? I mean everywhere around April / May, but why UK / Germany so late, July? BTW thanks to Ruben for his kind support and information here 🙂

    • Hi Stan,

      No change to the release dates. There are several factors that influence release dates but I assure you we are trying to get these out as quickly as possible.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Hi – a quick question. I have the original G5 and love it but its on its last legs.

    Other than the feel, the thing I like about the G5 is the ability to re-configure the buttons. I’ve set mine up to use the 3 on the scroll wheel (left, right and click), the thumb button and the two dpi buttons – giving me 6 buttons to assign in games.

    Q: Can anyone tell me how many buttons I can configure (max) on the G9x for use in games.



  • Hi

    Can you tell me when G9x will be available in France ?

    (I don’t speak english very well sorry if i made anu mistakes =D)

  • Hi Ruben,

    Maybe others have asked this before… is there a possibility that the wingman gaming mouse returns as optical version? I’m using a wingman with intelli optics inside as I haven’t found another shape that comfortable for gaming since, and with 3 main buttons. Of course, a neo-wingman would need a wheel for today’s market (placed between the left and middle button) and side buttons (perhaps toggle keys) for thumb & pinky. All made of dry grip material and rubber. MX518 optics would suffice perfectly for a competitively priced mouse.

    Greetings, Chris

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the feedback and for the loyalty to the classic Wingman shape! Although we don’t currently have plans to create the mouse you are describing, we have discussed it in the past. Having said that, we always like to hear your suggestions for new products, and enthusiasts comments like this CAN influence our decisions.


  • G9x is a very ugly mouse (looks like a black brick of some short) but with some nasty features for a gaming mouse.

    By the way what happened to Wireless gaming mouses like G7 ?
    Why Logitech does not create wireless gaming mouses anymore ?

    Microsoft and Razer have already released some great wireless gaming mouse like the Sidewinter X8 and the Mamba and i am hearing some good words about them…

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the feedback on the G9x. We kept the same ID as the G9, which is our highest user-rated mouse. Just remember that looks can be deceiving… many find this to be a comfortable precision shape.

      As for your questions, we’ve recently introduced some wireless mice that are appropriate for gamers, but don’t have the G-series label. We’ve found that our wireless performance mice (regardless of whether or not they are “G-series”) are purchased largely by gamers, such as the MX1000 and MXRevolution mice. A more specific example, the MX1100 mouse has sensitivity switching, lots of programmable buttons and a large comfortable shape.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Quote: “Ruben Mookerjee | January 27, 2009 at 2:52 pm
    Thank you for your feedback. Logitech currently offers 4 different trackball mice in an effort to meet the needs of that market but I can not discuss future products.”

    Compared to the prior discontinued products the present lineup is not a best effort offering.

    However, as quoted above, note the wording used, specifically ..”I can not discuss future products.” would have been an illogical statement to include if there was nothing in development for Logitech trackball products. :>)

  • It is now almost the end of May…any new word on the release date in the U.S.?
    I keep checking the Logitech site and searching online… nothing yet.

  • I too am interested to hear if there is an update on the release date of this mouse in the UK.

  • I’m also interested on the release date for US too… it was previously said G9x will release @ april but its almost june now. I hope you guys can @least give us an idea on when its going to release b4 I’m moving on to another mouse for waiting more than two months now.

  • @an17d, LJ, todd, b0bhino, Galven and Stan,

    I have some bad news and some good news. The G9x has been pushed back in terms of expected availability. It is currently expected to be available in the U.S. in the July/August timeframe and in Europe in October. There are a couple of reasons why we had to do this, but I apologize for announcing the product and then having to wait so long to ship it.

    The good news is that one of the reasons we’ve had to push it back is because we’re increasing the dpi and maximum speed specs to 5700 dpi (from 5000 dpi) and 165 ips (from 150 ips).

    I know that many of you will be very disappointed despite the increase in specs, and I apologize for the delay.

    Cheers, Ruben

  • We care about your apologies as much as you care about us. It’s what you do that counts.

  • Hello.

    I am a Mac user, and I know that in the past, the G-series of mice has not been Mac-supported.
    I read on the forums that a Logitech rep said that G9 a Mac driver was at one time planned.
    In a later post, he then said that it was improbable that a Mac driver was going to be implemented for the G9.

    Are there plans for G9x Mac drivers?


    • Hi Rob,

      Unfortunately, due to resource constraints, we\’ve had to push back our release plans for Mac support. We do realize that there is a growing number of gamers who game on the Mac platform and that our customers want Mac drivers for our gaming products. Right now, it\’s a matter of timing and resources. We don\’t have a specific timeline to communicate at this time, but be assured, we continue to keep Mac support in mind. I\’m sorry I can\’t be more specific or deliver better news at this time.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Just found this blog and read the comments from Ruben on the 22nd May. These comments came as a shock as I have a g9x mouse (part no: 910-001152) sitting in front of me, from a store in my native UK. It appears to be avaliable (part no: 910-001153) from retailers in Germany as well. What gives logitech, has the product been released?

    Or does this mean I have brought a fake. Apart from the sensor difference, is there any way of telling apart the G9x or a G9 which has had G9x stickers and grips put on it? There is no software to tell you what the DPI is of a mouse as far as I am aware.

    Looks like I picked a hell of a time to switch brands from razer….

  • In addition to the above. Finally had time to get the mouse out, install the drivers and have a play. Set point and windows detect the mouse as a G9x and give access to the full 5000 DPI. The cursor moves across the screen just over 3x the amount my old 1600 DPI mouse does, so everything looks kosher.

    After using for some hours, I can say the mouse is great and the best I have owned (so far…).

    The only thing that leaves a sour taste in the mouth was the nail bitting, thinking I had been duped and that the mouse may not be supported properly if a new up-speced version is about to arrive in a few months.

    Any clarification on this whole contradition of released, not released, going to be changed and released?

  • OMG!

    July or August?

    I didn’t play my brand new Red Alert 3 Uprising and Unreal Tournament 3 cause I was hoping to play them both using the G9x 🙁



    I think you gonna push it back furthermore till Windows 7 release.

    I’m sick of waiting to replace my old MX Revolution Mouse moreover, my young brother

    keep asking me when I gonna give him my old mouse -_-

    At lease let’s pre-order it from Amazon before this mouse will be out of stock in the release date.


  • Hello,

    I was wondering when g9x(5700DPI) will be released in India.

    I hope it doesn’t take too long cause I’ve been waiting for it for so long.

    Also, what will it cost? Waiting for your reply……


    • Hi Falesh,

      The G9x is expected to arrive in India in early August . The suggested retail price is 6295.

      Cheers, Ruben

  • Dear Logitech:

    First off, let me just say that I have been a fan of Logitech mice since the first 3-button mouse came out in the ’80s. I probably have a dozen of them lying around the house. Part of the reason I have so many, is that I’m always searching for the “perfect” mouse for business work and gaming.

    Why do all mouse manufacturers create separate “gaming” and “business” mouse lines, and then sacrifice capabilities on both lines? I *love* my Revolution MX mouse! It’s darn near the most perfect mouse I have ever used, and I even use one with my laptop; the ergonomics and functionality make it worthwhile to lug around, since I do a lot of Visio work for my job. I also use it for gaming, where it does the job 95% of the time. I just wish it had a faster tracking mechanism, and faster updates in the wireless interface, which would make it 100% right for gaming.

    I *hate* the G9; it doesn’t fit my hand (it’s too short, and hard to pick up because it doesn’t have the ridges on the top like the MX,) and putting the freewheel switch on the bottom of the mouse is just stupid. All I want is an MX Revolution mouse, with its superior ergonomics and on-the-fly freewheel switching, with the tracking system and on-the-fly DPI adjustment of a G9! (stick it in the task-switching thumbwheel!) Is that too much to ask? Just update the MX Revolution body with the G9 engine, and you’d have the perfect gaming mouse. Put “edgier” graphics on it, and call it the G35 gaming mouse or something. Zero R&D, and I think people would flock to it. Give me my perfect gaming mouse!


  • I am the director of purchasing for a company selling your product for a very long time. I had a call today from one of my Fortune 500 accounts for 18 years who questioned me about the G9X LASER GAMING MOUSE and our new ETA from Distribution of August 10th. Which means they will not ship to us probably before the 14th. I shared with him your log about July/August before they will be out and changes. However, he found a retailer with them in stock. Ours have been ordered for months. I would like a public answer on why a retailer with a customer satisfaction rating of under 20% should be able to get them before the largest distribution in the world, for us the number one rated reseller in the ratings. Customers buy from us because we are the best. They buy from the retailer who has them because we got the orders but end up with the sale for no good reason. However, my client left the order with us because we give them what they want more often than anyone else and want to see us in business for years to come and not the poorly rated retailer with what appears to be preferred treatment.


  • To Patrick Rowley:

    I have the MX Revolution too. And I’ve got to say that I loved it too, but I think Logitech put a non-selectable 800 dpi resolution into it just because of marketing reasons (i.e. buy a gamer mouse and give us more of your money).

    I think this is really user unfriendly (specially when your paying 70 € for a mouse, that’s a huge amount of money to me).

    On the other hand — the G9x has not only a better tracking and so forth, but I can assure you, that although I thought (as well as you did) that it would be incredibly uncomfortable while being accustomed to the MX Revolution shape, it actually is VERY comfortable, at least to me.

    I tested the G9 which has the same shape as the newer G9x … and I’m really hoping to get my hands on it (pun intended ;-)).

  • I really hope Logitech is going to put the “turbo” mode on by means of fabricating more G9x mice …

    It seems to be available in (Germany) — but because of any stupid marketing reasons I can’t buy it since I live in Spain, and Amazon doesn’t want to sell it to me…

    Quite frustrating… specially since I could test the G9 in a store and immediately fell in love with.

    Although if I can I won’t pay the full 100 € … I think that’s way too much. I’ll try to catch it at 80 € which is a lot, but a bit more acceptable.

  • What’s a shame is the conversion Logitech uses to sell its products in Europe.

    99 USD = 99 EUR … at least to Logitech.

    99 USD are actually about 67 Euros… that’s an enourmous difference

  • This blog seems to be dead…

    Logitech doesn’t seem to need any money anymore…

    The G9x seems to never be released in Europe… or at least not in Spain. If someone sells it, it’s at a price of 90 – 100 € … in Germany you can get it for 75 € or less… a shame…

    Have a nice day.

  • PD: I forgot to say… the prices are from stores that “apparently” sell the mouse… but actually it’s always out of stock or things like that.

    The only one that seems to have it at a reasonable price is, but they won’t sell it to anyone living in Spain.


    I wish Logitech to have the worst selling share among its competitors this christmas. Maybe that will teach them something. (Which could be “DON’T MAKE VAPORWARE”). G9x announced at the CES 2009 JANUARY … and not to be seen until 2010 ?

    Just to push (software based this is!) the dpi’s to 5700 to compete with the Razers?

  • Hi,

    I just wanted to second the motion on a wireless G9X. The shape is awesome for figertip style play (unbeatable actually). I just bought my G9X but would buy a wireless one right now if it came out.

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