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I’m sure by now you’ve heard the big announcement from Apple that iTunes will be DRM-free (digital rights management) by this April. While sites like AmazonMP3 have always had DRM-free music, this is truly exceptional news for you, as a consumer of music, and as an owner of cool gadgets that play your music, including the Squeezebox.

Today, if you buy a song from the iTunes store for 99 cents, you “own” it, but you can only play it on an Apple device such as an iPod or AppleTV. So it is a bit limiting to say the least. Because of this, Squeezebox owners could play all the music in your iTunes library, but not the music purchased from the iTunes store. Well, as of April, this will no longer be the case. And, you can now also update all your previously purchased iTunes music to be DRM-Free for about 30 cents a track.

Overall, this is good for the industry and good for Apple. People who never dreamed of buying from the iTunes store will now do so, and with open access to all this music, more and more interesting consumer-electronic devices will be on the market to play the music.

Here’s to the free-market economy,


Vice President and General Manager, Streaming Media Systems


  • Hi Robin, I’m a Control4 dealer that loves the Squeezbox product family . I install it everywhere I go. What would be ideal is to have a two-way driver for the squeezebox or duet receiver that is controllable via the LAN interface so a Control4 integrated home system can control and receive media info with the squeezebox products. I know my customers would absolutely love to see and enjoy this connection. regards..marcel

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