Logitech’s New G13 Advanced Gameboard

Hello, I’m Vincent Tucker. I’m a global product marketing manager in the Gaming business unit here at Logitech. I have been with Logitech for four years and in the gaming industry for more than eleven years. I work out of Logitech’s Fremont office in the Bay Area. It seems I’ve been around the world, though there are always new places to visit. Recently, I’ve been working my way through the top 100 best movies and books of all time. It’s quite a task but is totally worth the effort in my opinion.

The G13 Advanced Gameboard has been a special project for me. I, like so many others, have been playing game after game on the PC for as long as computer games have existed. My current gaming focus is World of Warcraft (WoW). I have been playing a Priest in WoW since the ‘Friends and Family’ alpha stage in January 2004. It is an excellent game and I have a great time playing with real-life and online friends I have met along the way.

My objective for the G13 was to make something that would help me be a better player. I’ve been using a keyboard for all my gaming, but regardless of button mapping or macro programming, I felt I’d reached a plateau in my gaming proficiency. My biggest desire was to address two of my gaming shortfalls:

1. I travel quite a bit and playing on a laptop keyboard is not fun; and
2. I wanted to move as many of my quick-bar keys as possible to a position under my fingers.

I tried to play on my laptop on many of my trips but it wasn’t comfortable or particularly efficient. I felt my play suffered so much that I would simply solo or grind rather than get into instance groups. Also, when I played on my laptop while traveling or at home, moving my hand off W, A, S, and D, and reaching over to activate a distant key not only took time, but also prevented me from reacting to some dynamic circumstance.

The G13 has greatly improved my performance. I regularly receive compliments on my healing prowess from both my Cauldron Born Guild-mates and random pugs. Sadly, this does not affect my leadership position on the death meters … though this is really an “under-tanking” issue! I die so frequently my guild has renamed “Spirit of Redemption” after me. Perhaps I need to send a G13 to my main tank. 🙂

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Director Of Innovations & Strategy at Logitech


  • So…when can we buy one? I’m saddened that there’s nothing other than “this month” known. It’d make a great gift!

    Also, the “notify me” on the logitech page for it is broken. It does nothing.

    • Hi sifr,

      The G13 should be on store shelves on December 22. Thanks for the tip about the broken link!


  • I had posted the following on your support forums, back on Sep 23, ’08

    “Development of a G-Key Pad for laptops?

    Hey Logitech Ever since I purchased and ABSOLUTELY LOVED the ORIGINAL G15 Gaming Keyboard. You know, the one with all 18 G-keys? I’ve wished that you’d develop a key pad for my gaming laptop with just the 3 bank x 18 G-Keys. So many times I’ve been away from home without my G15, and wished I had those macro keys handy.

    Please, Please, Please :)”

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!.. Thanks for listening Logitech 🙂

  • I realy think this will look greate with my G9 and Wave keyboard, But the timing is VERY od to me, I cant find it anywhere here in Denmark jet, is the 22. December also a Danish Relase date?

  • Wow.. great product – I wish it had been available when I was WOW-ing all the time.

    Do you think this will sell better than an completely updated Trackball? I think a trackball given the “Revolution” treatment would be great… black finish, scroll wheel, many buttons etc… a comment from Logitech would be great!!

    • Hi JeremyB,

      Rory Dooley, general manager of the mouse and keyboard groups, has been getting quite a few questions about our trackballs lately. Earlier this week, he posted a comment about his thoughts on trackballs, which you can read in his billionth mouse post.

  • Do you solemnly promise that if I show up at Best Buy on 12/22 they will open the doors, sing a wondrous tune about the G13, and agree to sell me one?

    Amazon does not even list it yet.

    I am begging you Logitech, please, take my money.

    • Hello templeton.fisk,

      We shipped the G13 to our distributors, including Best Buy, last week. While I can\’t solemnly promise that they will be on the shelf on 12/22, there is a VERY good likelihood of that happening.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm,

    • Hello IM,

      The G13 has been shipped to our distributors in the U.S. and Europe, so you should check with your local retailer regarding availability. In general though, the product should be arriving on shelves today or tomorrow.


  • I really want one too, any news on when it will be available in New Zealand, or should I go through Amazon instead?

    • Hello Matt,

      I don\’t know when the product will be available in New Zealand, so in the short term, Amazon is your best bet.

  • Do u have any distributors in Ru(Moscow)? hope we can get it before NY, but cant find even preorder (in local stores) 🙁

  • I’ve been to my local Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, etc. Nobody has one.

    I’ve not found any actual end-user online who has one and can give an opinion. I’ve seen a review or two but they never actually say how it works in a game, they just talk about the device and the features.

    Does anyone have one and can give a realistic opinion on it?

  • Today, I have been to Best Buy, Circuit ciy, Sears, Micro center, and no one has the G13. Are they really out.

  • I tried Best Buy, Circuit City and Gamestop today. Also none of these locations even showed it as incoming merchandise or even had it listed in their inventory systems at all.

  • I to went hunting for it. Best buy told me that they will not be carrying this product but I think they are assuming its not on the shelf so it doesn’t exist… I just gave up and ordered it off this site. Another best buy told me no retail store would offer a new product on such short notice before the holiday as the xmas rush is to intense with out creating more issues. I expect it will be in stores after new years.

  • Now that I can order it directly through Logitech (even though in the cart it says they are out of stock, and I didn’t receive notification via email about it) I’m tempted to get it.

    However, I would hate to be an early adopter of a questionable product. I went through 2 G15 keyboards because of hardware failures from the first batch. Also, I’m curious to know how well the thumb paddle works after a few hours of actual use. The N52 is a bit more ergonomic in it’s positioning of the thumbpad, but it got poor reception due to it’s squishy feel. I’ve tried positioning a Xbox 360 controller in the same position as the G13’s pad, and it does not feel comfortable to use.

    I trust logitech, but I just wish there were more information out there about this device.

  • I haven’t been able to actually find this anywhere yet physically or internet but I wanted to say “Thanks” for making it Mac compatible. I’m really looking forward to trying it out with WoW.

    I did order one directly from here but they are currently out of stock.

  • You are doing a great job! You have accomplished a lot and I am proud of you Vincent! Keep up the great work! Logitech is lucky to have you!

  • Yeah… December is almost over. At least Logitech could have the decency to come out and officially say, “We’ve delayed the product because of X and it will be available on Y of 2009.” At least have some courtesy to people who have pre-ordered this product.

    I called Amazon and they are claiming this product won’t be released until “Spring 2009”. Whatever that means…

  • I went ahead and ordered here thinking it would be any day soon since he said in this set of comments that the product would be available on the 22nd. So now I have to make sure I don’t spend x dollars on my card for an indefinite amount of time because it could get charged but we don’t know if it will be days or months…. At least give us some idea of what is going on please since I am a loyal customer and did purchase 2 of these things.

  • Finally a tool of this sort, that doesn’t look totally stupid and childish. Congratulations. (Why are you wearing an oversized shirt?)

  • I ordered mine on Dec 23, 2008 3:13:57 PM and I am still on backorder. 🙁 No shipment notification. Boo.

  • Oh and setup was a breeze. It automatically searched my computer for games…preconfigured itself for WoW WotLK. Displayed what all the preconfigured keys did and had an interactive Flash video showing how to use the features of the device. Very well done so far and I’m using a Mac. Sometimes Mac software from vendors is weak but this excellent even for me so far.

    Haven’t actually used it in-game yet because I have to leave the house at the moment but so far I’m impressed with the whole thing.

  • I’ve really been looking forward to this. Amazon, newegg, Best Buy and Circuitcity don’t have the G13. In fact, Amazon is the only one that even has it listed on their website. But, it’s listed as not released. If the price is the same I’d prefer to buy it local. BB is my first choice as I have gift cards to use there. I can’t imagine them not wanting to sell them if they have received them.

  • I’m not a gamer anymore but a programmer. As soon as I can find a New G13 Advanced Gameboard, I will purchase one to see if it is better than the Belkin n52te, which I use in conjunction with my Eclipse dev. environment. I usually have a better vibe with Logitech products, so I’m hopefully about the G13.

    As an FYI to think about…. the times when I am in a keyboard intensive mode, I will throw my Cordless TrackMan Optical and a simple mouse (left foot is only good with 2 buttons at the moment.) on the floor to handling the mouse pointer movements. I like the shape of the Trackman for use with my right foot. With all the gaming products you have, it would be kind of nice if you guys twist some of them to allow feet to help out with non-gaming desktop apps.

    These products are not just for gamers. Something to ponder on….

  • The G13 now shows as in stock at amazon.com (US) Hopefully it will be delivered next week. Really looking forward to trying it out.

  • I cant wait to try it – I ordered it from the UK logitech site on the 13 Dec,
    still hasnt arrived yet though.

    currently using a belkin N52Te for Wow , so interesting to see which is the best.

  • I still do not have my order (Dec 23) and have gotten no updates.

    As per an e-mail exchange with Kate, the Social Media Manager for Logitech, I contacted Logitech via 800#.

    I spoke with a man (I wish I got his name at the time) that chewed gum into the headset the whole time. He could not tell me anything about my order. He refused to cancel my order. He could not tell me if I could opt out after 30 days (because although the product has not shipped, is not on the premises, IT IS considered a fulfilled order).

    I wanted to order the G13 from Amazon because they do have it available and could ship it overnight, but I cannot because I am in order limbo with Logitech still. To add insult to injury, I now see that Logitech is offering free shipping (something Amazon would do for me – but I am now an order hostage).

    This went from a good experience, to an annoyance, to a lesson in sticking with trusted vendors. 🙁

  • I have ordered the G13 from Logitech (UK) directly on 13/12/08. Does anyone have a clue as to when this will be in stock. There are no email contact details in order to get in touch with Logitech about preorders.

  • Thanks Kate for the link, I emailed them and actually got a response asking me to ring another depatment (e-commerce) which keeps ringing.

    Could you please tell me when the UK is going to get the G13 as I know it is out in America.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hello, I orderd the g13 gaming pad around two weeks ago in the uk, and am getting quite frustrated as I believe that the pad was ment to have been released on the 22nd of Dec.

    I would like to know when I can expect the product to arrive, from reading previouse posts people are obviously having the same problems, I would like to know why you have put this product up for sale in your store, and then not deliver the item when specified.

    thanks for any details or updates you can give me,


  • So I keep trying to buy this but no one seems to carry the G13, I know Amazon does but I would at least like to look at the darn thing before I drop $80. Best Buy swears they have no idea what I am talking about, where else should I look, I live in NYC so you would think I would be able to find the thing somewhere.

  • im looking for it everywhere but no results from retail stores , amazon or ebay. could you at least tell us when it will be available in europe (UK)?

  • I ordered this product at a post order company, and they don’t know when they receive the product, since they get it from their suppliers.
    So I contacted Logitech Netherlands, and asked when they release it here in the Netherlands.
    They gave my a strange awnser: In the Netherlands they dont work with release dates, when Logitech Netherlands receive the product, they will sent it forward to other company’s.
    When i read the blog up here, it is said that Europe and USA receive it on 22nd december 2008.
    Nobody can give me the excact release that, not even Logitech Netherlands. Can you help me out?

    Thank you in advance,


  • Why can’t I buy this in Canada yet? Why can I only fine ONE online retailer willing to ship to Canada(at an outrageous price)? Make it happen Logitech.

    • Hi Matt, Svan and Kamen. Thank you for your interest in the G13 gameboard. We just began shipping the product a few weeks ago and we are working very diligently to get this product widely available worldwide. You might want to sign-up to get the ‘notify me’ information from the G13 product page at Logitech.com as well.

  • Hey Vincent,

    Thanks for the update on the product, but,

    I am still wandering, why did you put the product up for sale in your store, say that it was released on the 22nd of Dec. in EU, but still havn’t shipped any items from what I can see from reading this blog, to the people who have orderd it directly from Logitech.

    I would really apreciate an answer as to when you think we can expect our products to be deliverd to us as I have been waiting over 2.5 weeks now.

  • I also ordered one in the UK at the beginning of December, however having heard nothing since either, I contacted Logitech’s ecommerce department by telephone. It took a couple of calls to get any information, but I have been told the availability for order on their website was a “glitch” and that they are not expecting supply in the UK until possibly as late as March.

    I find this pretty disappointing, Logitech have accepted my order and yet made no effort to inform me of this problem, or given me any communication about the delay. Meanwhile the G13 has since been available for open sale in US stores, I know people who have been able to walk in and buy one off the shelf.

    I still look forward to receiving this product, but I don’t think I’ll be placing orders through Logitech directly in future.

  • Hello all,

    I have been reading all of your comments and want to address two items:

    1. Availability of the G13 at Best Buy (in the U.S.)
    Unfortunately, I posted inaccurate information about the G13’s availability at Best Buy (sorry!). Best Buy has not yet committed to carrying the G13, although I will update you if that changes. For those of you in the U.S. who prefer to buy the product in a store rather than online, Fry’s is your best bet.

    2. Availability of the G13 in Europe
    We shipped units to Europe in December and I am actively tracking them down to find out why orders on Logitech.com have not yet been fulfilled. I will provide an update tomorrow or Friday.

    Thank you for your patience and for your enthusiasm about the G13,

  • Vincent

    thank for the response, I received an email last night telling me that the G13 has shipped from the Logitech UK store.

    Thanks for all the updates.

  • I’ve just received shipping confirmation on my G13 order, I can only assume you’re responsible for sorting this out Vincent, and I’d like to say thanks.

  • i dont have any order previously made.. i think i wont able to get it at least in 1 month period 🙁

  • Hey,just thought I’d say that I got my order shipped two nights ago! Yay it is indeed currently in the UPS network and is just outside london and an expected delivery date of 2nd feb. Cheers Vincet and Logitech for replying and sorting out the orders, it is much apreciated 🙂

  • It arrived today, I have yet to un-package it yet though as it’s stuck at my dads and he can’t drive as it’s snowing so hard in the UK atm.

    Ahh… Can’t wait to get hold of it, thanks again Logitech

  • Very cool stuff. Please make an uber keyboard for us digital DJs. Something with back light keys of course, it is dark in the clubs. I think you could clean up; there is really nothing out there right now, especially for the mac. You could include translucent software specific labels for the keys e.g. Ableton Live, Serato, Tracktor etc. Please just think about… maybe bring it up at the next brainstorm:)

  • that pad looks very nice,hope u will/can do the same with a mouse some day ,lots of programable buttons,for all the non shooter games that have many things to put on the quick bar 🙂
    ohh can u tell me with shop in denmark u work with(if any).
    can only find it on the net and they are all out of stock here

    • Hi Rene,

      We’re pretty limited in terms of inventory right now, so your best bet is to keep looking online and at logitech.com.

      Sorry I don’t have better news,

  • Hi I am trying to get the g13 to work on Lineage2, not much luck so far, maybe i don’t know to much about the keyboard, and a lot of people are telling me i should look online for drivers and then it will work for the game. If you could help me out that would be fantastic

  • I have order a Logitech G13 in denmark since January and I keep seeing the delievery date getting pushed further away.

    My first order was on the 24 January cancel it because of push backs, and reorder it on 8 February, now its the 23 February it was pushed to yester now it’s being pushed to 04 March.

    Do Logitech have any status on this subject…
    I checked Sweden, Norway, and English from your website and it says notify me.

    • Hi Joseph.

      We have new inventory arriving at the end of March. I’m very sorry, but you most likely won’t receive your order until early April.


  • I think Logitech should have made it clear when this product was actually available. Personaly I’m starting to get a bit fed up of looking for this item and my gadget money is going elsewhere. I hope the quality is good I have a feeling that there may be a manufacturing issue here, noticed this a lot with the global climate like it is.

  • I have to agree with Anthony. It is especially strange that you are able to order a product that is not even on stock given that somewhere in mid February there was a time window where it did not say “Please notify me” but you were actually able to place an order in the shop. To a normal customer this means: The item is on stock and will be delivered to the customer upon payment. But now we have almost mid March and there is still no information as to when the item will be delivered. Honestly said, I feel a bit like being “drawn over the table” as a Swiss customer by a Swiss company.

  • Fry’s? Seriously…?

    So you’re in luck if you live in the United States of Texas, Arizona and California… everyone else (who doesn’t want to risk the kind of perma-delayed issues I had with Amazon) is up a chocolate creek without an ant to piss on eh?

    I’m not sure how much this is Logitech’s fault, probably not much… but if you folks don’t do something soon your “game changing” product is going to die a quiet and lonely death.

    Any recommendations as to who we can light up at Best Buy to get them to take their head out of their… well, you know…?

    Thanks… especially for disclosing that I can finally stop wasting my time checking Best Buy for one of these. Those freaking r-tards.

  • Is Logitech going to fix the (thumb) joy stick issues so a person that wants to play Call of Duty or some other game that requires the movement to also include going diagonal?

  • I follow your blog for quite a long time and should tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  • i brought my g13 from fry’s and i played it for world of warcraft for about 3 weeks.. and now the LCD plane has blown out. this is a piece of junk.

    • Hi Sidstylez,

      The G13 is designed to be used with the left hand. Unfortunately, we don\’t have a version that can be used with the right hand.


  • Ok, as of 10-03-09 Still looking for the G13 and the only retailer I’ve found that has it is Fry’s ( a place that is far from me and that I like less then going to a dentist). I have a Best buys down the street, they don’t even know what it is, Game Stop, says it sounds cool they have to look it up, and not even site of it in a Wal-mart, K-mart or under a rock!! I can order it on line, but I hate ordering on line, I want a person to pester with questions, you know like in the old days before on line sales!! More importantly I want a retail store that if I have a problem with it I can exchange it that day for one that will work or if I have questions on installation can answer them (that may be asking a lot). Well hope I get to seethe G13 in a local store soon (other then Fry’s), my Belkin N52 is wearing and would like to replace it with a G13, but then again the N52 has worked well and can be found in local retail stores.!!

  • Hi Jesse,

    Best Buy was a little low on stock for a while, but they should have plenty of stock on the way to the stores. Perhaps your local Best Buy was temporarily out, of inventory, although I’m not sure why the store associates didn’t know about the product. The G13 is also available at Microcenter.


  • I love what the G13 is doing in improve the efficiency of my workflow. That’s right workflow! As a wedding photographer, I typically have thousands of images to process with repetitive tasks. The products which are marketed to photographers typically cost $350. When I saw the G13 in BestBuy it might provide the same solutions. A little research proved the G13 could be adapted to the needs of a photographer.

    With little effort, I was able to either create Photoshop (PS) custom keyboard shortcuts or actions to access the PS commands. While I don’t use Adobe Lightroom (LR), I understand there are photographers who have used the G13 with LR. With my Logitech wireless mouse in the right hand and the G13 in the left, watch out! I use the G13 with my other photo editing software to reduce my keystrokes and improve my efficiency. I no longer have to remove my right hand from the mouse to type PS shortcuts (ie CTRL L, CTRL U). I would love the opportunity to speak with you concerning the untapped potential of the G13.

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