Billie’s Journey Continues, Plus The Winner of Day One

Q: Fill in the blank: Logitech mice that go through testing have their mouse buttons clicked X to X million times.

Q: I pulsanti della maggior parte dei mouse Logitech vengono testati da X a X milioni di volte.

Q: Die Tasten der meisten Mäuse von Logitech werden X bis X Millionen mal getestet.

Q: Los botones de la mayoría de los ratones Logitech se prueban de X a X millones de veces.

Q: Pour tester ses souris, Logitech leur fait subir entre x et x millions de clics.

Today’s prize is a set of Logitech Z5 Omnidirectional stereo speakers for Mac and PC.

The answer to yesterday’s question (What kind of mouse am I?) is: Logitech VX Nano cordless laser mouse for notebooks.

While many of you submitted the correct answer, there can only be one winner …

Congratulations to the winner for yesterday’s question: Bao-Nhat Dinh Nguyen.

Thanks to everyone for all of the submissions … and keep them coming!


The Billionth Mouse

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