The Perfect Partner for your iPad

Finally have your new iPad? We’ve got you covered. Today we announced a new keyboard accessory for the new, third-generation iPad® and iPad 2: the Logitech® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

Extra sleek and thin, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is a stylish, aluminum screen cover that protects your iPad screen and features a built-in keyboard that pairs through Bluetooth. It attaches securely to your iPad with a magnetic clip and its built-in stand holds your iPad at the best angle, whether typing or watching a movie. The ultra-slim keyboard cover also has an instant On/Off feature, which automatically wakes up your iPad when you open the cover, and puts it on standby when you close it.

Keyboard function keys offer enhanced navigation, and a piano-black finish adds style. All this and it’s just as thin as your iPad.

Don’t forget, Logitech’s Keyboard Case for iPad 2 and Tablet Keyboard for iPad also work with the third-generation iPad. So, whether you want to boost productivity during the morning commute, or simply add protective style, Logitech has you top of mind.

Check out the video below and let us know in the comments what you think of this new keyboard cover.


Director of brand development for tablet accessories at Logitech.


  • Hi there, are you shipping the ultra thin keyboard for ipad to Canada? If i order now, how long is the wait?


    • Hi Khali, we will be shipping the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover to Canada. Unfortunately, the product is in high demand and as a result is currently out of stock, but please keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more inventory. Thanks, and please let us know if you have any further questions!

  • Customer care team told me that Logitech made an agreement with BestBuy not to ship the orders for ultrathin keyboard till May 25th.
    What do you think the meaning of “pre-order”?

    • Hi Jay, we’re sorry for the delay in shipment. In answer to your first comment, it’s possible that Best Buy plans on having the store shelves stocked with the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover by this day based on their store reset dates. With regard to your second comment, we encourage our customers to pre-order products, as this does usually allow customers to receive priority when inventory first becomes available. Thanks for your patience, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

  • friend the keyboard is very good but because I did not design to make it pliable.? In the part of atraz you had put a bus cable information and you had folded so there would need to put it to work out. Sorry my English is not very good please if do not understand me to know to make better translations. Greetings friend.!

    • Hi Charles, thanks for your comment. We’re not sure exactly what you’re asking, but we’d love to help you. What exactly are you having trouble with? Thanks!

  • Hello – I preordered this on 4/18/2012 and have not heard anything regarding the shipment of my order (12430257542). I am wondering why others have received theirs and I haven’t heard anything. Was my order lost? Thanks.


    • Hi Ron,

      We apologize for the inconvenience, the product has been on back order for many customers and will be shipping out shortly. If you would like we can open up a customer service case for you if you have not done so already. Please forward us your e-mail address if you would like. Thank you

  • Hi Khali,

    I am from Canada as well and I have pre-order it on April 18th, 2012 @ 7:20pm from the Canadian English site VS the U.S. English site. I have inquire my pre-order the second time via email with and this is what they wrote.

    “Hello Henry,

    The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is currently on pre-order and
    the estimate ship date is showing May 25th. However there are several orders to fill and may not ship until a few
    days after that date. I do apologize for the delay.

    Kind Regards,
    Logitech Customer Care”

    So my assumption is that for Canadian side would be after the 25th of May with shipment, but already some of the U.S. Best Buy store carry them for sale earlier this month of May. I do hope my early pre-order status (right after the product announcement) will get fulfilled by May 25th and have it shipped soon, or else I might cancel it and order the Adonit new Writer Plus for the new iPad.

    If Logitech Customer Service/Support can look into it again to finalize the confirmation with my pre-order (order number is 13682681123) with ship date/tracking number to Canada that would be great so to avoid longer wait time. As well the UK product page ( status now show “Add To Cart” similar like the U.S. webpage, so I am guessing Canada is being delayed?

    • Hi Henry,
      We will open up a customer service case for you to make sure the issue is looked into. You should hear from a representative within 72 hours.

  • Hi,

    Its already past 72 hours since my customer service case is open and I still have not yet receive any information with my pre-order of Ultrathin Keyboard Cover shipment. Once again my order number is 13682681123. Thank you.

    • Hey Henry,

      Thanks for reaching us. So sorry to hear about this inconvenience.
      We’ll contact our customer support division and check on this situation for you.
      You should hear back from them within about 72 hours.

      Please keep us updated on how everything turns out!

    • Hey Henry,

      Thanks for reaching us. So sorry to hear about this inconvenience.
      We’ll contact our customer support division and check on this situation for you.
      You should hear back from them within about 72 hours.

      Please keep us updated on how everything turns out!

  • My order was placed with logitech. I was actually told via email that it would be shipping to me (I live in Canada) May 9. I just spoke with Customer service and they do not have any idea on when they will be shipping to Canada. The comment on the website is that they will not charge you until it is shipped. What it does not say is that only applies to credit cards through them (ie not paypal where you are charged immediately).

    Given the fact that they are shipping to the US and not to Canada, and will not represent a firm date for shipping leads me to the conclusion that the customer support for any technical or manufacturing issues will also be lacking.

    Solution: Cancelled my order.

    • Hello Brian,

      So sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with our customer service. We are always trying to better our company and appreciate your feedback.
      We hope that you will continue considering buying Logitech products in the future.

  • Hi Brian,

    I feel the same way on cancelling my Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover pre-order, but my Adonit Writer Plus is already shipped and thought the Adonit Writer Plus for the iPad 3 is a good for on-the-go iPad folio and having the Ultrathin as a at home use only keyboard/cover.

    I did pre-order by Paypal and the payment already taken since April 18th, 2012 (the same date the product is announce) for pre-order. My only concern now is to play the waiting game until some point that Logitech will ship it out to me in the coming months? Lets hope not and my anticipation of shipment is after May 25th this month as my copy and paste email stated by the Customer Support that is when Ultrathin is released.

    Hi Logitech (to whom moderate the comment section),

    Well, I guess another 72 hours waiting game I have to play until Customer Support will send me a respond via email, but what if this 72 hours gone by and nothing again? Should I wait for another 72 hours for someone given me an answer for a simple product availability/shipment inquiry?

    • Hi Henry,

      We apologize about the issues involving your Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. If you have been given a case number please send it to us so we can get someone in touch with you to work out the issue.

  • Mostly just simple reply back from Melissa from and below is her latest reply from today 05/16/2012 inquiry. No case number were given when Sales Support reply back via email. It looks like going to be a long wait before my pre-order will get shipped in Canada. **sigh**

    “Hello Henry,

    At this time we don’t have a ship date for our Canadian customers. It has been released in the US. It should be within the next few weeks but we haven’t been able to confirm a date. I do apologize for the delay.

    Kind Regards,
    Logitech Customer Care”

  • Can anyone describe the key material for me? Is it hard plastic, or a softer rubberized feel like the Apple keyboards?

  • Still no case number from customer support via email. Another 4 days to go before May 25th release date ship for Canadian(?) pre-order. If I don’t get an email on Friday from Logitech this week then I might as well have my pre-order Paypal payment getting refunded. Already got my Adonit Writer Plus last week Thursday.

    • Hi Henry,

      We are contacting our customer support team to make sure your case is personally handled, you will be hearing from us shortly.

  • Yep, customer support were able to get a hold of me yesterday afternoon or evening via email and I respond back and their answer pretty much mentioned the Canadian release of the Ultrathin will be by the end of May. Now just matter of waiting.

  • This is so nice. it is really the perfect partner for the ipad. how i wish it can be available also here in Italy. When I saw your product it made convinced to buy an ipad for me too. I will only buy an ipad if i’m sure that i can also have it’s perfect partner. it is not good for the apple ipad to be alone. So let the Logitech ultrathin keyboard (LUK) be created.

    • Hi, We are happy you like the product. We love to create accessories that will make products you already love that much better.

  • I have not gotten mine yet either and it has been a few weeks. No shipping confirmation just an order one. My order number is: 12450590142.

    Please let me know!


  • I still have not received a shipping or available date confirmirmation email and would like to see one like yesterday my order numer is 13773136923. An end of May release date which I have only seen here in the blog has passed on an order confirmation on April 27th.


  • Well, I have cancel my pre-order of Ultrathin Keyboard cover today June 18th, 2012. Its been too long of a wait since April 18th pre-order/first announcement. Even though Logitech Support is really helpful keep me up to date on the Canadian release, but to inform another extended wait ’til late June to early July with Canadian release I just gave up and seek for a refund instead.

    I wish Logitech can advertise their pre-order release date more precise VS pre-order now and wait for it until one can only hope and have so much patience with the unknown targeted release date. My next wait is the Logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse and this time I will wait when a localized PC shop or electronic shop (Futureshop, Best Buy) that sells them VS pre-order from Logitech site.

  • hi there, i will like to know whether do you hav available stock for the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover ? and whether do you help ship to either singapore or malaysia?

    • Hi Weinnie, the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover will be shipping to Asia in July. Thanks for the interest in our keyboard, you can check out our website for updates:

  • Hi guys

    A friend showed me this product, and I rushed out to buy one at the local BestBuy.

    I think I’m going to have to return it. The keyboard is erratic. It misses the keystroke about one in eight times, and goes into auto-repeat on a keypress every ten seconds or so. I’m on an up-to-date iPad 2.

    Is this unique to my keyboard and I should exchange it? Or have you seen this before?


    - Chuck

  • I purchased my Logitech keyboard for my I Pad 2. The only problem I have is that the padding that protects the bottom edge of my I Pad, which is attached to the keyboard, is loose and needs to be replaced. Other then that, It’s AWESOME. Where do you get this padding (TAPE).???????

  • If on Facebook and entering txt I cant use the logitech keyboard enter/send option , to send my txt I need to press the send tab on my iPad.
    Is that the set up or an I missing something?

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