Logitech Recognized by 2012 Red Dot Design Awards

We are proud to announce that the Logitech® Cube and Logitech® Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 have been recognized as recipients of the prestigious red dot award: product design 2012.

This year more than 1,800 manufacturers from 58 countries submitted more than 4,500 products to the red dot jury of international experts. The jury tested and judged each product on degree of innovation, functionality and ecological soundness to find the best of the best. The Logitech Cube and Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 were natural fits.

With its unique design, the Logitech Cube helps redefine the computer mouse with a shape that fits in the palm of your hand and is small enough for your coat pocket. When used as a mouse, Logitech Cube scrolls when you swipe your finger along the main panel. Lift the Logitech Cube in the air and moments later it’s in presenter mode. Click to advance to the next slide and simply turn the Logitech Cube over in your hand and click to go back.

The next Logitech product that impressed the red dot jury: the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, notable for its minimal ecological footprint. It uses built-in solar panels to charge the keyboard in any light, both indoors and out. Finally, the need for replacing batteries is a thing of the past! With a sleek and comfortable design the K750 Keyboard exhibited the form, function and innovation that red dot was looking for in all of its award recipients.

While the Logitech Cube’s innovation comes primarily from its design, tiny size and dual functionality, the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is notable for its minimal ecological footprint. Using built-in solar panels, the keyboard charges with any light – indoors or out – rendering the need for replacing batteries a thing of the past. With a sleek and comfortable design, it has the form, function and innovation that red dot looks for in its award recipients.

If your travels take you to Germany or Singapore and you’d like to see both of these products in action, stop by the red dot design museum and visit the award winner display from July 2, 2012 – June 30, 2013.


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