‘Host with the Most’ Hopefuls: Spotlight on NYC Finalists

Previously we highlighted the LA finalists, so today we’re introducing the NYC group!

Meet Mame McCutchin. She’s a licensed NYC tour guide, a stand-up comedian, and has written for Daily Candy and Star Magazine. To find out more, check out her blog and follow her on Twitter!

Here’s what she has in store for NYC if she’s your host:

My big plans for NYC include parties that celebrate our city and its relationship to the screen – silver screen, big screen, small screen, game screen – you name it! NYC is the home set to so many films, TV Shows, YouTube videos, fashion shows and more – I would like to celebrate (and create!) some of the best moments of NYC captured on screen in a way that can only be done with Logitech Revue and Google TV.

I will include the participation of a mix of people from the worlds of Fashion, Art, TV production, and Technology Development – my network spans through entertainment and includes executives, special effects designers, motion graphics designers, agents, editors, directors, stylists, producers, editors, and talent, but I spend so much time in the tech start-up world that I am constantly surrounded by software developers and engineers (who keep bugging me with “When’s the Logitech party, Mame!? When do we go to the loft?”)!

I will mix high fashion with low art, new technology with old-fashioned get-togethers, and innovation with classics. Think “Sex-in-the-City” meets “Seinfeld” meets “Cash Cab” meets a bunch of my favorite trend-setting technophiles and you get the idea! I will curate and cultivate different themed events – animation, short films, android apps, kids programming, TV trivia, and fashion, to name a few. I take excellent care of my guests and I take pride in my knowledge of hospitality and my improv abilities while hosting on and off-camera.

My big plans for NYC include using Logitech Revue to celebrate our city — and each other — through our common love of the screen. That’s big.

Next is Bill Guyther. Since the beginning of the contest, Bill’s been heavily promoting to become the NY loft host through his social media channels. You can find him on on Twitter, YouTube and his blog.

Here’s what he plans to do if he’s the NYC ‘Host with the Most.’

With the events being built around the roll out of the Logitech Revue with Google TV, I see these as very EXCLUSIVE, by invitation only, everybody wants to be there, type of events. I mean let’s face it, it’s history in the making. The future of television and the Internet will be forever changed with this product. Not only will we have the atmosphere just right with the lighting, music, dancing, beverages, and appetizers (or hors d’oeuvre if you prefer. lol) I see several, hands on, “EXPERIENCE IT” stations available throughout the Loft with spot lights on them where people can come to see and use Logitech Revue. Where they can “EXPERIENCE IT”! To bring it all together (and for those that can’t or don’t get to attend) we will have photographers, videographers and the media there capturing the excitement, energy and responses from the people. This will be used in our daily blogs, Tweets, YouTube and Facebook updates for all to see. To make it all work, each event will be hosted and run to make the guest know that they are the most important part of the success of these events. The goal will be to make each individual feel like the party was just for them, to have a great time and for them to leave with a passion for Revue. I look forward to serving Logitech, Google TV and all the people from NY, and everywhere else they may come from, as the Host With the Most NYC. Prepare for the parties of the decade!

Praneet Kailey comes from Silicon Valley, but has her eyes set on the NYC loft. Her background in PR/marketing and her tech and social media savviness resulted in a final spot for NYC. Check her out on Twitter.

If Praneet is chosen to host the NYC loft, here’s what she has planned:

NEW YORK CITY….This world renowned destination city of dreams will witness the Logitech Revue with Google TV dream become their reality. There is no city more deserving for this great first look at the future of TV! As the Logitech New York City ‘Host with the Most’, I plan to do everything within my power to expose this exciting new innovation. I am fortunate to know a lot of incredible movers and shakers. With my strong contacts and industry familiarity, these loft parties will never be just your average event. Technology of this magnitude calls for the ultimate debut, day after day, night after night, and with 10 opportune weeks, NYC will be wowed and in awe indefinitely.

I believe in equality and I have a plan that will suit everyone’s likes and needs one way or another; there will be something for everyone–from a fantasy football Monday night challenge to local talent Tuesdays, salsa dance-offs to game show night, a fashion week rewind and a Ryder Cup party. With great wine, great food and even greater company, this loft will be transformed into a think tank of fun. Combine that with some surprise collaborations with major networks and shocking guest appearances, this loft will be teeming with energy! I am over-flowing with creative ideas for NYC! However, why stop there? This should be shared with the world! Via Logitech webcam, I would stream live feed of each and every candid event so that everyone watching from home could tune in if they cannot join us live in NY.

You see, New York City is widely regarded as a beacon for us all…it is the land of opportunity, bright lights, culture and inspiration! My roots are both in Silicon Valley and in Manhattan, and I have always longed to somehow bridge the gap between the two. I finally have been given that chance. Logitech and Google TV’s media revolution has given me this unique opportunity to pass the torch of innovation from one incredible coast to another. This entertainment transformation and new way of life is exactly what the city of Lady Liberty has to look forward to. I am ready to make a splash in this concrete jungle by introducing NYC to the ultimate Smart TV! …and so it is inevitable, New York City and I will reunite to create a buzz, and the city will be just as excited and inspired as I am…in a New York minute!

What cool events would you like to see go on at the NYC loft?


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media


  • What more can I say about Bill that wasn’t already said. This is truly a gentlemen that stands tall with his shoulders back because he is one of the most incredible men I know. He is a giver, supporter, hard worker and an amazing mentor to thousands.

    He is truly G-d’s gift to all of us!

    Thanks Bill for being the man you are to everyone!

    Lyn-Dee Eldridge

  • Bill Guyther is a person that knows how to promote, he knows how to connect with people. Bills honesty and belief shines through as he speaks with confidance. Bill will put 110% into what he sets his mind to. Bill benifits any person and all he is involved with.

    GO BILL!!!

  • WOW! This whole thing has been truly amazing! I have enjoyed seeing Bill Guyther take this challenge and absolutely run with it! He has what it takes to be the “Host with the Most” for sure! His enthusiasm is contagious. His attitude is always great. He’s the type of person that makes you think that anything is possible!

    Bill, you will do a fantastic job, I am so excited for you!

    Can’t wait for the “EXPERIENCE!”

  • Bill is hands down your person for NYC!!!! I have watched this man over the years and he continues to grow personally and spiritually!!! He has the incredible talent to motivate others and just has an uncanny way to make anyone and everyone feel good and important…because in Bill’s eyes, everyone has potential. He is a wonderful mentor, leader and friend. However, he also is a great student. which mskes him ideal for this because he will bring many to the table, but at the same time hear what you need and listen to your consumer to market your product better than anyone! Bill Guyther is you person…no doubt about it. You will be in awe when you see what how this man can market!

  • Let’s be honest here. Who would generate the most interest and eventually revenue for Logitech? The answer is easy: it would be Praneet Kailey.

    NYC is all about the perfect blend of culture, social media awareness, energy, and dynamic personalities, which to be frank, is what you’ll find in Praneet.

    Oh and remember, it’s all about leveraging networks to get the word out to folks who would ACTUALLY adopt Logitech’s new technology. Who’s the only person in the NYC list with access to hundreds of entrepreneurial movers and shakers in both Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley? That would once again be Praneet Kailey.

    This contest is not about who’s the nicest, who people have the fondest memories about, or who makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This is about who has that spark and would hustle the hardest, while leveraging networks that take a lifetime to build, in order to push Logitech’s newest technology forward. That my friends, would be Praneet Kailey.

    Praneet Kailey.

    Praneet Kailey.

    Yes, I know I just typed her name out three times. She’ll galvanize multi-ethnic, political, and socio-economic populations of people to adopt the technologies. Hell, she’ll get folks in places like India, Bali, Brazil, South Africa, and all over Europe to adopt it too. So once again, it’s all about Praneet Kailey here.


  • Just in case you didn’t get my last comment….Did I tell you that Bill is your man for NYC? Absolutly

  • I had the pleasure of working with Bill Guyther and he is just simply the best leader around. He is the hardest working leader that I know. If you are looking for someone to be the Logitech Host in NYC then Bill is your guy! VOTE FOR BILL GUYTHER!!!

  • Bill Guyther is definitely The Man for NYC!!!
    He is such a people person, able to communicate effectively with all different personality types.
    He is also very knowledgeable in the field of computer technology, social media, etc.
    Bill is a fun, loving, outgoing person that everyone likes who meets him.
    If you choose Bill for the position, I know he would not let you down!
    I have known Bill for many many years now, and I am very proud to call him my friend.

  • Bill would make the perfect host because he is so charismatic and enthusiastic! Please make him the “Host”!

  • Bill Guyther is The Host With the Most. He’s a first-rate presenter who keeps his audience connected and is always fun to be around.

    Detroit, Michigan

  • If the goal is to gather peoples’ attention and direct it at a new product, then there is only one person on this short list that is qualified for the job: Praneet Kailey.

  • Praneet Kailey is the ideal person to run the show.

    The point here is to promote the adoption of Google TV and showcase this new technology’s potential to change the way we watch TV. A product like this, that involves so many stakeholders, demands to be introduced to NYC by a person of Praneet’s skills and personality. Her ability to attract big names and her mastery of social communication tools to promote these events will give Google TV the proper launch it deserves.

  • Knowing her from experience, and reviewing the other contestants, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Praneet, AKA Kiki, will make the best host.

    Not only does she possess terrific energy and creativity, but from a marketing perspective.. she is incredibly appealing to the class of individuals that would invest in Google TV. She is worldly and has a direct connection to Silicon Valley and a very wealthy and growing South Asian/Eastern community.

    There is nothing like working and fighting hard to achieve a dream. Praneet’s dream is to come back to New York City, where the bright lights shine…

    Give her the chance of a lifetime!


  • Praneet’s connections and experience in Silicon Valley are what puts her over the top to be the obvious choice. Who else has strong relationships at the hottest bay area startups, not to mention the ear of powerful people in the Valley?

    Like Vick mentioned, the idea is to drive adoption of this technology. Praneet’s the one to do that, as she has experience in this industry.

    She also has the international experience to appeal to a wider audience – the her social reach is what counts here, and she’s the one to make this a success for NYC. Let Praneet bridge the gap between NYC and the Bay Area!

    +1 +1 +1 for Praneet!

  • What you need in a host is someone who captivates their audience.
    Praneet Kailey is a natural on the mic, fluid and charming in ways that will create more viewers. If the game is to increase viewership, make products more well-known, and seamlessly merge parties with promotional events, there’s only one real player here: Praneet Kailey.

    She knows tech, she definitely knows social media, and, most of all, she’s got boundless energy that infects everyone around her. Make the right choice…

    Praneet Kailey.

  • Praneet’s MADE for NYC. She’s gonna rock that city when she wins this. Why wouldn’t you pick a gorgeous, intelligent, not to mention extremely sociably & outgoing woman for the job?

  • i greatly believe when Praneet Kailey, is “Passionate” about something she will dedicate her heart, soul and mind to her projects!!! Praneet, will be the greatest asset to this project and will ensure all her expectations are met that are required of her and then some. She has a natural gift to connect with people anywhere and everywhere. I’m so excited for Praneet’s journey with Logitech as she will do AMAZINGLY!!

    Cannes, France

  • Praneet’s job experience, knowledge and most importantly her unbelievable communication skills, is what puts her over other contestants. She always becomes a heart of a crowd no matter what country or group of people she’s in. And isn’t this the most important thing if we are talking about Google TV, the Google TV that will be viewed by people from every cultural back ground out there. Being able to connect with every single one of them and carry your point across, isn’t that what counts the most? Praneet is not only perfect but is the only one person that will be able to accomplish this task without a problem!

  • I truly believe Praneet is “host with the most” amongst all the contestants. Her passion, drive, and unwillingness to settle for anything less than ordinary sets her apart from the others – the excitement jumps out in her blog. Praneet’s international experience with both travels and studies give her an advantage that I think this host needs. Praneet’s endless experience with event hosting and planning coupled with her over the top creative ideas makes her perfect for this – just watch her effortlessly pull off the best events as I have for years!

  • I’m sorry but any Artland fan will tell you Mame is the only choice. She is funny, smart and gorgeous to boot! Go Mame!

  • While it’s nice to know movers and shakers in an industry, what about the common man? The average guy who most likely will be the one to buy the product?

    If your goal is to reach that average person with marketing that he will understand in “layman” terms, then I believe that Bill Guyther is the person you want for the job because he is definitely one of the best people I know of taking something complex and simplifying it so the average person can understand it.


    Charlotte, NC

  • I believe it’s obvious who the right person for the job is. Bill Guyther will bring attention to you from California to NY. Just spent the weekend with him in Dallas with over 10,000 members of our PPL Family. Bill is loved by all and will lead you to HUGE success!

  • There is NO doubt in my mind that Bill Guyther is the best candidate for the Host with the Most. Bill’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. He is poised and professional, yet great fun to be around. He should DEFINITELY be your choice!

    Wilmington, NC

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