New – Logitech Gaming Mouse G500

Announced today, the Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 is a refresh of our popular G5 gaming mouse. We’re introducing some new features while keeping what worked well on the G5.


For starters, we took the classic G5 shape and refined it to provide even more support and comfort. A softened pinky ridge and improved thumb area were added with long gaming sessions in mind. Because we revised instead of reinvented the shape, G5 fans don’t have to worry about getting used to a radically new grip.


Another key improvement with the G500 was the inclusion of our latest gaming-grade laser sensor, which was first introduced on our G9x gaming mouse. This sensor provides superior tracking – even at high hand speeds – and is a significant improvement over our previous generation of laser tracking.

In response to an overwhelming number of requests, we also added an extra thumb button for increased programmability. New controls, including a hyper-fast scroll wheel and that third thumb button, put valuable macros (also a new feature) stored in onboard memory just a button press away. With the new onboard memory feature, you can save macros or other important mouse settings without having to run software.

I think you’ll find that with the G500 mouse, you’ve got a powerful weapon for full immersion in the game.


Director of Product Marketing, Mice


  • nice1 Logitech! 3rd thumb button – very good idea imho. In the blog there was mentioned, that this sensor will also be in the updated G9x (5700dpi). When will this G9x with G500 sensor be available?

    • Hi Stan,

      The G9x is shipping this month. Some units have gotten to shelf already, but not all stores may have made the transition yet.

      Best, Erik

  • Congrats on the announcement, it must be like waiting for a baby, lol. I have the G5, best mouse ever, and this is an improvement on that! definitely the right idea to keep the basic shape the same for those who move up from the G5. I also have the G11 and G35, and z-5500 ;)

    What price will this be in the UK?

  • Great ! Really Huge. a dream comes true with that mouse :)
    I loved G5 and now, I’ll love G500.
    How long I waited for it… dunno, but greatest newz for this month, sure.
    Good job Logitech, still the best.

  • Great looking mouse but I wonder if you could get an engineer to comment on why the sensor was placed so far up front. They’re right behind the forward mouse feet! :D

  • Hi Erik,
    just wanted to know when it will be shipped to Canada. You might know when in Ontario, Toronto.

  • it looks VERY awsome, i just bought a g9x the other day, and this is even cheaper……grrz

    but if they keep making grips it’ll be fine

    noticed the weight thing has less than the g5

  • Someone says when the G500 on sale with Software Setpoint 5.20, the G9x will upgrade to 5700dpi too. Is it TRUE ?

    • Hi WeiZhang,

      The sensor in the G9x mouse on the shelf today is the same sensor as in the G500. However, when Setpoint 5.2 (our mouse software) comes out with the G500 product availability, this will enable gamers to go up to 5700 dpi. The sensor natively goes to 5700 dpi and 165 ips; however, when our packaging first came out, we had not yet qualified the sensor to the highest levels we know now know it can achieve.

      Best, Erik

    • Hi CoolPlayer,

      If you\’re referring to an update to the G7, we don\’t have anything to announce at this time, although we do realize there is interest in an updated wireless gaming mouse. For now, the MX1100 is your best bet, as it was designed with some gaming features in it.

      Best, Erik

  • Think you for the answer.
    I bought a G9x in March this year. Does it mean that my G9x has no chance to upgrade to 5700dpi? Or maybe a fireware can solve the problem?

  • Erik,

    Is the G500 going to be delayed in the UK as refered above or is it still on target for a September launch.


  • I heard rumours that it will weigh 200grams, is this true? and if it is then wouldn’t that be a bit on the dangerous side of rsi inducing after long periods of gaming/fingertip gripping?

    also could you state the weight of the mouse with the wegith cartridge out with it in and total amount the weights add up to?

    • The G500 weighs 165 grams without additional weight tuning. If you put in all of he weights, you can get the mouse to weight (at maximum) 192 grams.

      Best, Erik

  • Really nice mouse ,i like the design ,looks much better than the G9

    But when will it be released in Israel and how much will it cost ?

  • nice work, I really like it, by the way, I am wondering if G500 has fixed the ring finger problem when holding the G5 mouse

  • nice mouse, nice design, nice features, nice wheel but i don’t want a cablemouse!
    please announce the g500 wireless edition soon or i’ll buy the wireless x* from m* ;-)

    bye the way, mx1100 for gamers? nice joke erik! ;-)

  • Hey Erik,

    Just Wondering What The Release Date Is For Australia, When Should We Expect To See It On Shelves.

  • I(‘ll) totally love the mouse, as I use G5 and it’s near prefect.

    But one thing bothers me. Why, oh, why is the European price always so much higher than American? US – 69.99USD, UK – 69.99GBP (ca. 160% of US price!). I assume that the price in whole Europe will be similar to that (I live in Poland).

  • Hello

    I’m wondering if the G500 will changing LED colours for different profiles, much like the G9?


    • Hi S.N.

      At this time, only the Logitech G9 and Logitech G9x offer the color-changing LEDs for different profiles

      Best, Erik

  • Great news! I had a MX510 and I’m using a G5 refresh at the moment – I’m really happy with those. But this baby here will be the next in my collection. Thanks for another superb mouse. :)

  • 165 grams, is this with oder without cable?
    However, it’s a noticeable diffence to the G5, why?
    I just wonder because the G500 ist also a Cablemouse and no Battery inside.

    Bye the Way, because i’m not a great Fan of Mousecables, i don’t understand why Logitech brings two Cablemouses (G9x/G500) with the same Sensor?
    2 for Cablefans, 0 for Cablehaters, this is strange.
    How about a wireless G500, already any Infos available?

    • Hi Jean,

      165 grams is the weight of the mouse and cable. Many gamers have tended to want corded mice to avoid any chance of wireless lag. And unfortunately I can\’t talk about future plans for any gamimg mice – corded or cordless.

      Best, Ruben

  • This mouse looks like a good prospect for an upgrade. I have wanted to upgrade my mouse for years but Setpoint won’t allow it, since it’s incompatible with older operating systems.

    My question is this; will the programmable nature of this mouse mean that I could customise each button, and still have access to those customisations on another machine, even without having to install Setpoint on it? If so, this would be brilliant, and a feature that should be added to other flagship mice as soon as possible to finally get around the awful Setpoint software. I really wish the Performance Mouse MX had such a feature.

    • Hi Ulysses,

      The Logitech G500 features onboard memory, letting you save and take your settings for your favorite title with you – no software required.

      Best, Erik

  • Have any changes been made to the scroll side-click apparatus?

    I just wore through the side-click on G5, the second time I’ve had that happen, and missing that feature after only a year of use is a big gripe for me.

    • Hi dpan,
      While I was not aware of the specific issues on the G5 scroll wheel side-scroll functionality, I wanted to let you know that the Logitech G500 features an entirely different scroll from previous gaming mice. The new G500 features Logitech\’s exclusive dual-mode scroll wheel technology that enables users to switch from precise, ratcheted scrolling to smooth hyper-fast scrolling with the click of a button located on the top of the mouse behind the scroll wheel. The G500 scroll wheel still has a programmable middle button as well programmable tilt-left and tilt-right buttons.

      Best, Erik

  • I’m wondering how mac support works out for this mouse. As far as I’m aware only windows is officially supported, but if I were to set up the mouse and what not on the windows side of a boot camp partition would I be able to achieve full functionality? If not, what would I be losing? Thanks!

  • There were some issues with the G9 regarding mid to low dpi users
    Will 800-1200 dpi be an issue? I know about white paper but can we
    use fabric mouse pads on this one?

    • Hi adhesive_x,

      The G500 and G9x feature an upgraded gaming-grade laser sensor that tracks on a much broader range of surfaces than were possible with the G9. This includes cloth mousepads. The max speed and acceleration in this new sensor is improved, as well as the lift detection. If you tell me the brand of your mousepad, I can tell you if we tested on that surface.

      Best, Erik

  • I’m curious as to a reply on Alex’s question.

    Also I’m confused as to why only a part of Logitech’s selection of mice are compatible with OSX. Why not just make the OSX software for all of them?

    The percentage of people using mac and OSX is increasing, and all of these people ought to be considered as potential costumers. Costumers who might choose to go elsewhere because of missing compatibility, being afraid that they won’t be able to use the mouse to its full extent.

  • in your opinion which mouse would you buy? the g9 or the g500? ive wanted the g9 for about a year now but now that i see the g500 im not too sure which is better and which i would want more…

    • Hi Puriphy,

      The G9 and G500 have very different body shapes so it is hard to make a recommendation since mice can be very personal. The G500 has a new advanced gaming sensor up to 5700dpi (compared to 5000dpi for the G9) so if that is important, I\’d recommend the G500. Otherwise, the best thigs to do, if possible, if feel both mice and then make a choice.

      Best, Erik

  • Hi,

    When will the G500 be available at retail (from,,, etc) in the US? I’m ready to buy one, but don’t see it available anywhere yet.


  • According to CJChew, the MX518 was but 106 grams. Since I love how light it is, I’ve held off on buying a G5 all these years (still on my original 5 years old 1600dpi MX518) given its weight. Now, you say that the G500 will weigh 162 grams – far too heavy for my tastes. Of course, you guys still sell the MX518, and I could continue to use them as long as you do, but there are those of us that want the same old lightweight optical 518 we know and love, but with slightly more modern features (such as USB2.0 -> 1000hz polling).

    Or, at the very least, an option to somehow lighten the younger G5 members of the family without resorting to anything drastic. Any suggestions or thoughts? I can’t be the only one…

    • Hello Miracle and Portuguese Guy,

      We expect the G500 mouse will be available in October.

      Best, Erik

  • This is the first Logitech mouse I have been excited about in a while.

    For all you whining that it is not a wireless mouse, there is good reason why gamers do not use them on the whole. The lag/latency is too much. For some of us doing day to day activities it is an annoyance. I am using a G5 now and an MX1100. The MX1100 is incapable of responding with the accuracy or speed the G5 does.

    Is it a technically superior mouse? Will almost anyone who is not into gamer, graphics designer or into CAD like the 1100? Yes and yes. Will a gamer? Probably not.

    Secondly wireless aficionados have had a slew of products come out by Logitech that are great, so a new wired mouse is very welcome and exciting. THis one seems to have it all. Right body, micro gear, weight cartridge, etc.

    I am excited as recent Logitech efforts have fallen a touch short of my needs.

  • Hi Rageking,

    The Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 is expected to be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in September

    Best, Erik

    • Hi shd,

      Unfortunately, the G500 mouse is not supported on Mac computers. However, most of the features of the G500 work out of the box with no software required on PC or Mac computers. Software is required for changing settings and customizing programmable keys.

      Best, Erik

  • Can you say more about the date it wil be released?
    I know it wil come this month. but i want it so fast as posible ..

    Ty in advance

    Greetz Reactz

  • For Me Its A Race Between The G500 and the Naga, I’ll Be Getting w/e comes out 1st, Do Hope Its G500 Though. Any Known Time For The Release In Australia ?

  • Erik,

    It appears the mouse has been released on Amazon, but not on the logitech site. What are the chances of logitech having a special sale on these any time soon? (I am quite poor, but my mx518 click buttons are dying).


  • yay its out!!!!!! /check amazon/ OMG “delivery estimate: October 7, 2009 – October 26, 2009 ”

    XD wtf man wtf!!!!! lol

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