Enhancing Control in Video Meetings: Introducing Camera Zone and Room Management Improvements in CollabOS 1.9

As businesses transition back to office-based work and hybrid environments, they are seeking ways to optimize their conference room experiences and streamline device management. In this regard, management features that fine-tune and increase control over device capabilities are becoming increasingly essential. By leveraging these tools, businesses can ensure productive and equitable meeting experiences for both in-house and remote employees.

With the latest release of CollabOS 1.9, Logitech is excited to introduce new features that offer greater device control and customization, improving meeting experiences and increasing conference room flexibility.

Camera Zone Keeps the Focus on In-Room Participants

With RightSight 2, Logitech’s device intelligence enables a variety of different options to focus and frame in-room participants. But what happens when a meeting room has glass windows or walls and there are people standing just outside the glass panels? From the camera’s perspective, these outsiders look like they are also participants in the meeting.

As a new feature in CollabOS 1.9 for Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini deployed in appliance mode, Camera Zone addresses this situation. It allows an IT or A/V admin to define the dimensions of the camera’s frame in each room, including depth and right and left edges. This allows you to declare which areas of the room should be within frame and which should be out of frame and thereby exclude windows.

With Camera Zone eliminating out-of-room distraction, your employees can fully focus on the relevant in-room action, keeping meetings productive and professional.

Logitech Solutions and Zoom Rooms BYOD

In today’s multi-platform environment, it is essential to have options available for employees to connect and collaborate on different platforms. Recently, we introduced support for Zoom Interop as a software solution to Zoom Rooms. Today, we’re excited to share that Logitech Devices in Zoom Rooms now support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Mode, refining a way for employees to join meetings outside of the three offered through Zoom Interop.

You can enable Zoom Room BYOD mode by adding either a Logitech Swytch device or a USB and HDMI cable to any Logitech appliance solution for Zoom Rooms. Employees simply walk into the room, connect the cable(s), and the BYOD interface on the Tap controller automatically offers meeting controls. Additionally, this feature allows Zoom Device Manager (ZDM) to know the room is still online and functional while in use in BYOD mode. 

With Logitech Swytch and Zoom Rooms BYOD, we’re adding more options and use cases for IT administrators to enable employees to communicate on different platforms while still standardizing to a preferred platform for their rooms. 

Align Reboots with Your Company Schedule

When managing conference room devices, routine rebooting is typically a regular task for most IT teams. However this can be challenging for organizations with multiple geographic locations or complex schedules. 

With our latest release, you can now schedule device rebooting for individual devices and groups at a time that is convenient for your organization through Logitech Sync. Just another way we’re streamlining device management across different locations, schedules, and work environments. 

Get Started with the CollabOS 1.9 Update Today

Upgrade your Logitech video collaboration devices today to the latest version of CollabOS 1.9, now accessible in Sync and when available in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center or Zoom Device Manager. Stay up to date with cutting-edge features and improvements by exploring the CollabOS release notes.