Affirmative Action and Opportunities for ALL

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Logitech supports equal representation and opportunities for all. We believe today’s U.S. Supreme Court opinion issued in the case brought by Students for Fair Admissions is a setback to the pursuit of equality.  

Restricting Affirmative Action in education has the potential to negatively impact the workforce of the future; at a time when greater diversity in thought and experience is needed to create and innovate more inclusive and sustainable products and experiences. 

While this ruling has taken place in the US, we believe the impact of this decision affects the global workforce for years to come. Logitech will continue to invest in building a more inclusive and diverse workforce so that we can better serve our customers and ensure that all people live in a world where they are free to pursue their passions. 

Update June 30: As SCOTUS continues with opinions this week, we are disheartened to see continued challenges to the rights of the LGBTQ community. Free speech is not free if it is at the cost of equality.

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