Top Six Highlights of CollabOS 1.7

CollabOS 1.7 is here to make IT teams’ lives just a little bit easier as you tackle the challenges of hybrid work–including people’s return to the office! These new features we’ve rolled out help simplify the deployment and management of video collaboration solutions across your workspaces. 

Here are the top six highlights of this new update that bring more simplicity, more security, and more IT-friendliness:

Onboarding CollabOS devices is easier than ever with Relay

The fewer the steps, the better, right? With Relay, you can quickly and easily pair Tap IP with front-of-room CollabOS meeting devices like Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and RoomMate. Relay lets you onboard and configure Tap IP and a connected device from a single interface. 

Here’s how to do it:


CollabOS devices can now connect to wired secure enterprise 802.1X networks 

We’re as serious about security as you are. With wired 802.1X network support, your CollabOS devices can now connect to secure enterprise networks that use specialized authentication and certificates. This eliminates the reliance on a single network password and allows unique credentials or certificates to be used per device. To learn more about 802.1X, check out the release notes.

Easily update MeetUp and Rally via RoomMate

Say goodbye to manual updates; MeetUp and Rally firmware updates are now automatically applied to devices connected to RoomMate. This all-in-one approach eliminates the need for modular updates and instead automates and unifies the update process sourced from one device.

Connect devices to Logitech Sync faster with provisioning codes

This feature further simplifies the installation of CollabOS devices by eliminating the need to manually add installers to portals. Simply generate a code in Sync Portal and enter it instead of your Sync credentials. Provisioning CollabOS devices just got easier! Learn more.

Appspace has arrived for better room scheduling

If you’re one of the 2,500+ companies using Appspace, you’re in luck. CollabOS 1.7 now enables you to easily publish the room scheduling card or digital signage to Tap Scheduler. There’s near-zero configuration to start using Appspace on Tap Scheduler to manage rooms. And you can use everyday tools like Microsoft Teams or Google Meet to schedule physical office spaces.

RoomMate supports RightSight

RightSight, Logitech’s auto-framing technology, is now enabled on solutions where MeetUp or Rally are connected to RoomMate.

With Logitech’s unique system of hardware, software, and services working in tandem, you can standardize your entire hybrid workscape from end to end. These features are now available as part of the CollabOS 1.7 update, and will be available in Zoom Device Management and Teams Admin Center soon. Find more details in the CollabOS 1.7 release notes.