VR Audio Reinvented: Introducing Logitech Chorus for Meta Quest 2

In 2010 the first consumer gaming VR headset hit the market with much promise. 12 years later, over 15 million VR headsets were being used to play immersive games, explore new worlds and change how consumers interact, but while VR headsets have evolved, audio options continue to be challenging, prompting today’s introduction of the Logitech Chorus.

Logitech Chorus for Meta Quest 2 VR is a stylish, comfortable, and immersive ultra-realistic audio solution that helps VR gamers become immersed with the game. 

Exclusive for Meta Quest 2 users, Chorus reaches a new level of immersive, ultra-realistic audio thanks to a new approach to headset design. This new revolutionary design is lightweight, comfortable, and convenient with an easy flip-to-mute feature. Stay cool with open air around your ears. 

Complete with custom-tuned off-ear acoustics, the new audio solution delivers added performance benefits thanks to the big open-back audio drivers creating a huge sound stage for the virtual world to flow into your ears. Hear the biggest moments and the tiniest details in the metaverse with custom-tuned off-ear acoustics. 

Thanks to this revolutionary design, there’s nothing in or around your ear that interferes with your game, your workout, or your creativity. Nothing touching your ears at all. The only thing you’ll feel is spine-tingling, heart-pounding VR soundscapes.

Logitech Chorus includes a number of other new features, like a flip-to-mute functionality. Just rotate your earcups up and out of the way for silence. Then, when you’re ready to get back into VR, just rotate it down outside your ears. Quick and easy control of your VR audio. In addition, Chorus is always ready to play thanks to USB-C passthrough, where a separate power source is needed. 

The new Logitech Chorus is more than the next generation; it’s the new standard for audio for Meta Quest 2 users. for what’s possible. Get your Logitech Chorus today.

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