Response to Supreme Court Decision

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Posted by Samantha Harnett, Logitech General Counsel

The US Supreme Court’s opinion issued today in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health overturns the precedents established in Roe v. Wade and eliminates the long-standing right to reproductive healthcare for many women in the United States.

This reversal of court precedent will drastically restrict, and in many cases eliminate the ability of millions of women to participate in the economy, support their families and to make critical and personal healthcare choices. Equally, if not more disturbing, this ruling will disproportionately harm poor women and communities of color.

I urge my colleagues in the business community to take action. We must demand that Congress protect women and all others who may be impacted by this opinion, and take steps as we have at Logitech to ensure equal access to healthcare for all employees.

At Logitech, reproductive healthcare is covered for our US employees and their dependents and if there are barriers to accessing care, transportation and lodging reimbursement are also available.

At Logitech, we will stand up for equality in all its forms.

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