Invest in Our Future

Take action this Earth Day

Earth Day is one of many opportunities for everyone to #InvestInOurPlanet. At Logitech, our promise to future generations is to reimagine a climate positive and more circular world. This starts with our climate action strategy, which prioritizes the absolute reduction of our carbon impact, the use of renewable electricity, and the investment in infrastructure and restorative efforts like forestry conservation. Because this is work that cannot wait, we are 100% carbon neutral across our entire product portfolio and value chain today and we have pledged to be climate positive and remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we create. 

Our circularity strategy focuses on the need to extend the life of products, components, and materials by designing for sustainability. We are working to reduce waste during the production process and find pathways to recover components and materials through reuse and repair services. Many parts and components from old electronic devices can be salvaged and reused. Other materials like precious metals and plastics can be recycled or recovered for reuse in new device manufacturing. In addition, replacing raw materials in new products with recovered components or recycled materials extends the life of resources. More than 65% of the mice and keyboards in Logitech’s largest product portfolio are made with post-consumer recycled plastic. That means less plastic ends up in landfills.

Did you know that less than 20% of e-waste globally is thought to be properly collected and recycled? There is a massive opportunity to capture e-waste and reclaim the raw materials and components for future use. It all comes down to getting that e-waste back into the system – even at end of life. We can do that by working together to promote recycling and prevent the improper dumping and treatment of e-waste, as well as advocating for jobs in the refurbishment and recycling sectors. To make it easier to find proper collection sites, Logitech provides information on local recycling partners and e-waste collection centers in your area. Also, because little nudges often help, people can bring their unwanted used devices to Best Buy locations in the US for recycling and for a limited time will receive a 20% discount voucher for the purchase of another Logitech device.*   

For business customers, Logitech’s trade-in program for products at the end of their use provides for recycling or reuse of devices. It’s a myth that devices that no longer work are worthless. In fact, a number of parts found in older and broken electronic devices are valuable. Trading in used devices is a simple and convenient way to extend their life.

Also, if you are looking for quality refurbished electronic devices, check out these certified refurbishment programs and find ASTRO gaming headsets and controllers, UE speakers, and Blue microphones. Pre-owned consumer electronic devices can be a great option if you are looking to reduce your ecological footprint or find earlier generation products at great prices.

Logitech is proud to join others in demanding a healthy and resilient future for our planet and all life it supports.  This Earth Day, seek out ways to #InvestInOurPlanet. Learn how to Take Action at

*Restrictions apply to this Best Buy program. See Best Buy stores for details.