JumpStart Your SmartDock Deployment

There’s no doubt that Microsoft offers one of the leading unified collaboration solutions in the market. And while thousands of IT departments have made Microsoft Skype for Business (and now Microsoft Teams) the go-to application on employee PCs and laptops, until recently meeting rooms remained a challenge. That changed with the introduction of Skype Room Systems.

Skype Room Systems put a unified platform for both individual and team collaboration within reach of almost every enterprise. Within reach, perhaps, but IT departments still need to coordinate several variables to get rooms up and running: components from multiple vendors, evolving software, and a range of different topologies and environments. If an issue arises, who do you call?

Nearly two years ago, we launched Logitech SmartDock, an AV control console for Skype Rooms powered by Microsoft Surface Pro. Since then, we’ve helped customers implement thousands of systems around the world… and we’ve learned a lot about how to simplify these deployments.

Introducing Logitech JumpStart

Today, we’re making that expertise more accessible than ever before. With the new Logitech JumpStart service, we’re offering expert resources to support the initial integration of Logitech SmartDock and Microsoft Surface Pro with the software, networks, and systems used for Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams meetings. IT professionals receive 90 days of access to Logitech JumpStart when they purchase a bundle that includes Logitech SmartDock and a Microsoft Surface Pro configured as a Skype Room System.

Access to Experts

Dedicated personnel with deep expertise in Microsoft deployments, network design, security, and AV systems provide email and phone support to compliment the warranty and support services already included with every Logitech SmartDock and conferencecam. Whether you’re trialing Skype Room Systems for the first time or deploying systems in new locations, JumpStart helps you identify and address setup issues that might otherwise slow you down.

Logitech JumpStart will be available in the U.S. this fall as a standard component in bundles that include SmartDock and Microsoft Surface Pro, with options to add a Microsoft-certified conferencecam like MeetUp, GROUP, and the new Logitech Rally system. Your Logitech account reps and resellers can help you find the right bundles for your rooms.

People already love the familiar UI and time-saving features of Microsoft-powered room systems. With Logitech JumpStart taking the friction out of initial setup and configuration, IT departments can quickly move from troubleshooting problems to deploying solutions.

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