Start your day with a Good Morning activity

Getting out of bed can be hard enough, so why not make the start of your day easier?  A Harmony Activity can set the right mood music, temperature, and lights to get you ready for the day ahead. Here’s how to make your mornings even better before you get your coffee — best of all you don’t have to lift a finger when you use Harmony + Amazon Alexa.

What’s a Harmony Activity?

An Activity combines your home entertainment devices into a single group that represents what they are used for. For example, a “Watch TV” Activity will turn on or control devices like your TV, AV receiver, stereo speakers, and cable or satellite box — all with one command.  One of our favorites is a “Good Morning” activity to help get our day started.  To create your own, check out our guide below.

If you own an Amazon Echo device, simply download and set up the Amazon Alexa skill for Harmony and you will be able to use your voice to start your activity in the morning. Just say, “Alexa, turn on Good Morning.”

Good Morning Activity

Automatically warm up the temperature, turn on the morning news, and brighten the entire house every weekday morning at 7 AM.

Step 1

Open the Harmony app on your mobile device and tap Menu.

Step 2

Tap Harmony Setup and tap Add/Edit Devices & Activities.

Step 3

Tap on Activities

Step 4

Name your Activity: Good Morning and pick an icon. Tap the Next > arrow.

Step 5

Select your thermostat, TV, and lights to include. Tap the Next > arrow.

Step 6

On the Adjusting Devices screen, tap the Next > arrow.

Step 7

Configure each of your devices then tap the Next > arrow.

Step 8

On the Activity Ends screen, leave the list blank and tap the Next > arrow.

Step 9

That’s it!

Now, with your Good Morning Activity, all you’ll have to worry about is grabbing your coffee and getting out the door. Visit our Digital Home blog to learn more about smart entertainment, home automation, Amazon Alexa, and making your day easier.

If you need some inspiration or additional help, check out MyHarmony Support.