Logitech MX Sound Transforms the Audio Experience at Your Desk

We know that you use many devices at your desk and want to play media and music from all of them. So we designed a product from the ground up that has amazing sound, an elegant look and allows you to easily switch between these devices. Introducing Logitech® MX Sound, a premium Bluetooth® speaker for your desk.

Featuring motion-activated backlit controls, high-end drivers and rear-facing port tubes, MX Sound allows you to pair up to two Bluetooth devices and/or use the 3.5 mm wired connection.  With the Logitech Easy- Switch™ technology you can seamlessly switch between all your connected devices – just pause one and play another. It’s that easy.

Upgrade your desk with MX Sound, designed to be amazing alone but even better together with Logitech’s premium desktop accessories such as Logitech CRAFT, the Logitech MX Master 2S and Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote. MX Sound will be available in late September for $99.99 in AMR.

What media will you listen to with your MX Sound? Let us know below.