New Harmony Integrations: Nest Protect and Rheem EcoNet


Logitech Harmony has expanded support for connected home products even farther with the addition of two great products: Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm and Rheem EcoNet water heaters.  Best of all, support for these products is available today, so owners of Harmony Ultimate Home, Home Control, and Home Hub can add them right away.


Nest Protect

Owners of our latest Harmony remotes can now create an Activity to have all their TVs, music and gaming devices automatically power off when a Nest Protect alert begins to sound. This Nest Protect activity gives families an even better chance of being made aware of the potential dangerous situation no matter where they are located in the home.


Rheem EcoNet

Our latest connected home integration continues to extend the power of Harmony beyond the living room. Access a Rheem EcoNet water heater from the latest Harmony remotes to set up a schedule for the water heater or change modes based on a family’s’ changing needs. For example, when extended family is visiting and daily hot water needs change, you can put your Rheem EcoNet water heater into performance mode.

Logitech continues to focus on delivering peace of mind and efficiency solutions to Harmony users. We will continue to add best-in-class connected home products to the Harmony platform, making your home experiences simpler, easier, and more enjoyable.  Want to hear more about Harmony? Check out what Stacey Higginbotham, formerly of GigaOm, thinks of the Harmony Ultimate Home here.