Creepiest Halloween Movies to Tune into With the Harmony Living Home

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Scaring the bejesus out of your friends and family watching horror movies is a time honored Halloween tradition we always look forward to. Who needs the theater when there’s an endless array of cult classics and other horror hits to choose from at home? Thanks to the new Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home Remote, you can create the perfect spooky setting at home for your annual movie night.

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As our most intuitive remote yet, the Harmony Ultimate Home includes all the same great entertainment control features you’ve come to expect from Harmony remote controls, but now has the ability to control all your smart home devices as well, for a completely connected home. Keep your eyes glued to the action, while the 2.4″ touchscreen lets you pause, adjust the volume and change channels all with vibration feedback for no-look control. While picking the right film may require a living room tribunal, accessing all your favorite channels and devices will not. Customize up to 50 favorite channels and stream from any of your devices—up to 15—including Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Playstation and many others using the Harmony Hub.

Before you pass out the popcorn, set the tone of the room by dimming the lights, closing the shades and playing the movie all with the click of one button. Looking for a new flick to frighten the family? Check out some of our Halloween favorites, both old and new.

World War Z: Unrated Cut – Netflix

We’ve seen our fair share of zombie fare, but Brad Pitt battling the latest zombie outbreak felt like a virtual stress test. Based on Max Brooks’ best-selling novel, this smart thriller focuses on the hunt for a cure around the world, as the former UN investigator uses his knowledge of crisis management to save the world. The newest uncut version features more heart-throbbing suspense and zombie action, so put the wee ones to bed for this one.

Carrie (2013) – Amazon Prime

Kimberly Peirce’s “reimagining” of Brian De Palma’s horror classic proves that high school is a battle for survival—both in 1976 and now. This time around, it’s Kick-Ass star Chloë Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore as the dysfunctional mother and daughter in Stephen King’s tale of adolescent angst and telekinesis.

The Evil Dead – Hulu

For some Burn Notice fans, Bruce Campbell is a Tommy Bahama-sporting former spy, but to horror fans he will always be “the Chin,” and star of the cult 80s film series, The Evil Dead. This campy classic relishes in its B-movie clichés and it made director Sam Raimi a star. It’s a far cry from the slick slasher flicks of today, with the gore being more ghoulish than gruesome. For those that prefer highbrow horror, choose from other cult classics from the Criterion collection on Hulu Plus.

Tell us what your favorite Halloween movie is in the comments, and happy watching!