Customization is Everything – A Look Inside the Logitech G502

PC gaming offers the most customizable gaming platform bar none. Gamers have the ability to customize almost every aspect of their game, including resolution, v-sync, shadows, detail, and other features. While gamers are used to upgrading their processors, graphics cards, hard drives, and RAM, one important, but sometimes overlooked customization opportunity, is the hardware gamers use on a daily basis. Just “getting by” with the bundled keyboard and mouse is no longer adequate in this hyper-competitive online gaming scene. You need a mouse that you can customize and tune to your heart’s content. The Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse gives you opportunity to have a mouse that truly feels like an extension of you—making your movements fluid and natural.

An Inside Look

The Proteus Core lets you change its weight and the balance, allowing you to adapt to any situation. It comes bundled with five 3.6g weights that you can configure in different internal positions to adjust not only the weight, but also the balance from side-to-side, and front-to-back. Just pop open the bottom and add the weights in the position you want.

In addition to weight calibration, you can tune the mouse to adapt to the surface you’re using. Do you have a dark mouse pad? Do you use your mouse directly on your desk? Either way, after a quick 10 second calibration process, you’re set for optimal performance.

In addition to its hyper-precise weight tuning, the G502 comes with eleven programmable buttons across its chassis. This allows you to assign multiple functions to mouse keys, and perform complex commands without shifting your position on the keyboard. Additionally, if you’re going back and forth between multiple games, you can save your button presets to one of the onboard profiles or even store profiles for later use on your PC.

Quick Response

One of the most important controls in first-person shooters is the sensitivity. Thanks to in-game DPI shifting provided by the G502, it’s extremely simple to change sensitivity on the fly. Need to turn around quickly to get the drop on an enemy behind you? Crank it up to turn faster. Need hair-like precision as you’re looking down the scope of a sniper rifle? Ratchet it down to put it right between the eyes. It’s completely in your control.


In addition to DPI control, the G502 has extreme precision with its scroll wheel. If you need the clicking precision of the scroll wheel to change weapons, go ahead and change it to that mode. You can also change it for fast scrolling to control scope zoom or other attributes in the game.

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to the Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse. No other mouse gives you as much customization, control, or precision in the gaming realm.

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