The Logitech Big Bang: Lab-Tested, Kid-Approved

For all of the accident-prone families: the Logitech Big Bang for iPad Air and iPad mini was designed with you in mind. Made from shock-absorbent, liquid-repellant and durable materials, the Logitech Big Bang has been drop tested from 1.4 meters, which even exceeds U.S. Military drop testing protocols at 1.22 meters!

Still not convinced?

Let Jerry, our Senior Development Engineer, and baby Bob show you the Logitech Big Bang in action below.

Whether your own toddler likes to knock the iPad off a hard-to-reach shelf, drop his toys on the iPad screen, steal your keys for some good ole scratching, or spill his OJ on your beloved tablet, the Logitech Big Bang helps ensure that your iPad will remain intact.

The Logitech Big Bang’s design will please parents, too. Just because it is ultra-protective doesn’t mean your case needs to be big and bulky. It also features a multi-angle viewing stand, so whether you’re following a new recipe in the kitchen or binge-watching House of Cards in bed, you’re covered. Squeezing in a few hours of shut-eye between the baby’s naps? The Logitech Big Bang automatically puts the iPad to sleep when you close it and wakes it back up when you open the cover.

It’s time to test one out for yourself. Here’s to checking “broken iPad” off your worry list.