Interview with Camouflaj about the iOS original game République

So, the initial reviews on your game have been amazing, and it’s great to see such a Kickstarter success. What was the inspiration to create this game?

With République, we wanted to create the ultimate story and action-based game for iPhones and iPads. Many of us come from a console background, so it was important that we created something of high quality that not only pushed the graphical prowess of the hardware, but also made huge strides in the way players interact with the game on a touchscreen device.

Personal question: How the heck did you guys bring back the feeling of playing Metal Gear Solid so darn well?

I guess there’s still a lot of the Metal Gear DNA left in me from my time working at Kojima Productions! While we didn’t set out to make a Metal Gear-like game, we found that République included many of the trappings of the series simply by virtue of being a stealth-action game. One of my goals was to take the 17-button console controller experience and distill it all down to “One Touch.”

When playing the game with PowerShell, what features can your game’s fans look forward to?

The team at Camouflaj spent a lot of time tweaking République to work well with the PowerShell. The great thing about playing République with the controller is that it gives players quick access to a lot of actions without needing to obscure the screen. With the PowerShell, players quick enter and exit OMNI View, access Hope’s inventory, and use the shoulder buttons to zoom the security cameras in and out.

Did anyone on the dev team go through a serious fan moment when working with the awesome voice actor cast? 

It’s truly an honor to feature Metal Gear veterans like Jennifer Hale, David Hayter and Khary Payton in République. They’ve been great friends and supporters of what we’re doing.

I knew the team was excited about working with David, Jennifer, and Khary, but I had no idea we had so many friends of Dwight Schultz (République’s Headmaster) in the office! His performance has been incredible – we’re so lucky to be working with each and everyone of these individuals, especially Kris Zimmerman Salter, who is bouncing between directing MGS5 and République voiceover sessions.

And presenting the Camouflaj team:

Check out the game by following this link or by clicking any of the above images. And next time time you get the hankering for a true AAA stealth experience, check out PowerShell Controller + Battery get the best console-to-go experience possible!