Why You Should Program Your Mouse (Even If You’re Not A Gamer)

How many times have you used Ctrl+Z today? Did you know there’s a shortcut for this shortcut? Even if you’re not a gamer, it can still be useful to program your mouse.

Using our free SetPoint Software or Logitech Gaming Software with our mice lets you easily assign certain keystrokes or actions to every button. Automating keyboard shortcuts like undo (Ctrl-Z), copy (Ctrl-C), or paste (Ctrl-V) may not seem like it’ll save you much time, but those seconds add up and it’ll cut down on repetitive actions.  For easy step-by-step directions, go to SetPoint Software or Logitech Gaming Software.

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Caption: : Logitech Performance Mouse MX™

Another popular setting to program into your mouse is MouseController. This free desktop application enables you to record and save mouse movements and clicks with the push of a key. This also comes in handy when you’re watching a video on your laptop and want to keep your computer awake so it doesn’t dim mid-movie.

Do you have any tips for making your mouse more efficient? Post in the comments below.



  • It actually is very useful to make shortcuts to common commands when editing images, the less time you’re using your keyboard the better.

  • “Do you have any tips for making your mouse more efficient? ”
    I have tip for you.. Bring back SmartShift! And fast!

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