Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Favorite Gadgets This Summer

For those of us above the equator it is (really) hot, which means your tablet, cell phone and other portable electronics are in for a workout. Also, many folks are getting ready for some serious summer travel, bringing their tech toys along for the ride. As such, here are some simple ways to protect and preserve the toys you love while enjoying all the summer season has to offer:

1) You’re outside more, which means you need your phone to last longer. Make sure you shut down apps that are running in the background to get longer battery life. Also, (if your phone has these features built in) dimming your backlight, disabling Bluetooth, and turning off WiiFI, GPS, and infrared capabilities are handy ways to make your power bar stay in the green.

2) Beach trips are the highlight of most summer vacations, but beware – gadgets and sand should not mix. Grab an anti-dust dock cap cover plug to close up any openings in your device while you are out soaking up the sun.

 3)  Traveling by plane? We recommend storing your portable tech gadgets in your carry-on bag. More importantly, you should back up all of your relevant information to an external hard drive or to a secure cloud data service.  Also, for a stylish, yet protective carry-on option, check out our Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folios.


4) If possible, set up passwords on all your devices. Password protection secures your private information in the event someone gains access to your property,

5) Take care of your devices by keeping them clean. Use anti-bacterial wipes or even a little cotton ball with rubbing alcohol will keep your devices looking like new!