Cube Code: 4 Office Rules Everyone Should Know

From leaving un-identifiable food in the fridge to singing out loud with headphones on, there are some things our colleagues do that drive us a little crazy. And just when you think everyone knows the rules, you’ll find someone new grabbing two donuts when there is only three left! In order to keep our collective cool, we’ve put together a cube code tutorial. Most likely you’ll read this and be in the clear, but if you have a cube neighbor that needs the reminder? Well, we’ll just hope you can find a slick way to send him or her a link to this blog…

1.  Always refill the office coffee. It’s depressing to get up from your desk, walk all the way to the office coffee pot and find it empty. Don’t be that guy who takes the last drop of the much needed office elixir and doesn’t replenish the productivity fuel.


2.  Keep a tidy desk. You never know who’s going to walk by and wouldn’t you rather hide those three Doritos bags from your CEO? Our Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 will help keep your desk clean, but the garbage can is usually the best tool for tidying.


3.  Enable the Gmail “undo send” option. There are more than a few emails we wish we could take back (darn reply-all button). Thankfully, Gmail comes to the rescue. This is a pretty well-known feature, but there are still some out there who haven’t seen the light. Do your coworkers a favor and show them what they’ve been missing.

4.  Don’t eat food that does not belong to you. This might sound obvious, but it is a common office offense. No matter how good that cookie looks, if it’s not yours — just walk away. Refrigerated condiments? That’s a judgment call.

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