Logitech Brings a New Idea to Unified Communications: Controlling Calls through the Keyboard

Unified communications (UC) – which combines phone calls, instant messaging, desktop sharing and video collaboration in a single software platform – is now beginning to transform how people connect with each other at work. Yet many of us aren’t comfortable with making the transition from the familiar office desk phone to navigating an on-screen UC interface to initiate, answer and manage phone and video calls.

Logitech is now changing the UC user experience with the first enterprise-grade keyboard to offer dedicated call control keys, as part of the Logitech UC Solution for Cisco 725-C products that we’re announcing today. The Logitech UC Keyboard K725-C, designed for the Cisco Jabber UC platform, has nine call control keys, including call answer/end, hold, audio mute, video mute, volume up/down and voicemail. There’s also an LCD screen in the keyboard that displays Caller ID for incoming calls. All the familiar controls of a desk phone, in other words, are now in the keyboard.

The Logitech K725-C becomes the individual user’s phone dial pad and communications control center whenever they sign into Cisco Jabber, unlike desk phones that are assigned to a specific number. Just add a Logitech webcam and headset for a full UC experience. This makes the Logitech K725-C ideal for “hot desking” work areas, where employees don’t have a permanent desk or cubicle. In any location where desk space is limited – from bank trading floors to call centers to telecommuters working from home – the K725-C makes it easy for users to stay productive without a traditional desk phone. Users can also quickly escalate from a voice call to a video call without having to hang up a desk phone and then re-connect through their UC software.

The Logitech UC Solution for Cisco 725-C includes the Logitech C920-C Webcam, offering best-in-class full 1080p high-definition video, and the ergonomically shaped Logitech M525-C Wireless Mouse. For more details on this groundbreaking set of products, please visit www.logitech.com/cisco.






Senior Vice President and General Manager, Logitech for Business @EricKintz


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