Products to Ensure a Smooth Start Back To School

Students of all ages worldwide are gearing up to head back to school within the next month. Whether you call it elementary school or junior high, second form or middle school – young students face many transitions as they head back to the classroom, and one of these changes may be working more with tablets. According to a Nielsen survey of adults with children under 12, seven out of every 10 children in tablet-owning households use a tablet computer, and 57 percent use tablets to access educational applications. Given this, we have a few tablet-specific products that will allow young students to take learning beyond the walls of the classroom.

Between typing papers and surfing the web, the Logitech Tablet Mouse keeps your child’s fingers happy and the power in their hand. As this mouse is made exclusively for tablet devices, it’s now easier than ever to get school work done wherever they go. Whether your kids are traveling with family, playing games, or using a tablet device at home, its laser precision allows them to enjoy smoother tracking on just about any surface.

As middle school students adjust to their multi-class schedule, different teachers and an uptick in homework, they need to take time to enjoy themselves too. The Logitech Tablet Speaker is the perfect portable speaker to listen to music on the go, between classes, after school, or even during family time. A rubberized clip easily attaches the small speaker to an iPad or other tablet device, providing powerful sound wherever your kids go!

If your children are still riding the bus to school or to sports games, the Logitech Wireless Headset is the perfect companion to ensure they’re riding in style. This headset pairs easily with iPads, iPhones, iPods and other Bluetooth® devices.  The headset cancels out all the excess noise, so they can lose themselves in the music. Not only are the adjustable headband and soft ears cups designed for comfort, but the headset also folds up, letting your kids easily put it in their backpack when not in use.

As summer comes to an end and another school year begins, what is your childs, or your own, favorite back-to-school product? Let us know in the comments below!


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