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This week in Logitech news, the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard won About.com’s Reader Choice Award for Best iPad Accessory. Voting lasted for one month and wrapped on Friday, March 30. If you missed the exciting news, feel free to check out our recent blog post for complete details.

As many of you know, the Logitech UE Air Speaker hit the market on Tuesday, March 27. Since then, we’ve seen a few articles that are definitely worth sharing. Mashable included the new Logitech UE Air Speaker in its weekly roundup, where they narrowed down the week’s 10 most enticing gadgets. They noted “It’s super simple to set up,” and that it “cranks out spectacular sound.” iLounge claimed the Logitech UE Air Speaker is “the best AirPlay out-of-box experience they’ve seen yet.” Lastly on the music front, Stereogum kicked off their two-week long Logitech UE Air Speaker giveaway yesterday, so be sure to check it out here for a chance to win your very own Logitech UE Air Speaker!

Also this week, PC World featured the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX in its roundup of Five Must-Have Productivity Gadgets, highlighting the “Darkfield” laser-tracking technology and dual-mode scroll wheel mechanism.

For more Logitech news highlights this week, check out the articles below:

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  • Dear logitech-productdesignteam,

    Just now i have realized that actually there is no use whatsoever for the “CAPSLOCK”-key. At least, i have never used it for more than 10 years since I make intensive use of the computer. Both for typing and for CAD.
    The opposite: the CAPSLOCK-key is only irritant. You hit it a lot of times accidently instead of the SHIFT-key. Often you don´t realize it at once, and when you look at the monitor you realize that you have written 40 words or even more, in capitals. There is no short cut to correct this: you have to retype! Irritant.
    In CAD it is even worse if the CAPSLOCK-key is active unnoticed: you don´t draw orthogonal lines anymore, also often without realizing it.

    Since more than 10 years i have been actually suffering a little bit under the CAPSLOCK-key. Are´nt there keyboards without this key, or with this key at another position?

    Thank you guys for understanding…! 🙂


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