Dress up your new tech gifts with the perfect accessories

Did Santa bring you a new tablet or computer this holiday season? If so, lucky you! While you enjoy your new toy, why not get the most of your gift by jazzing it up with Logitech’s accessories, which are designed to bring your computer, music or gaming experience to the next level. Maybe you can even put a gift card or two to good use, while you’re at it!

With the temperatures dropping outside and the couch looking better than ever, why not cozy up with your laptop? Connect with family and friends without ever leaving the comfort of your own home via one of Logitech’s host of webcams, and enjoy those familiar faces with crystal clear video feedback. You can even make a night out of it, streaming holiday classics straight to your laptop while enjoying big-time sound and comfort with the Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550. Sit the way you want to with a padded base and comfortable viewing angle for your screen.
For those of you that are traveling this holiday season, what better way to get the most out of
your tablet than with Logitech’s Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2? This full size keyboard and stand connects seamlessly via Bluetooth and charges over USB. And don’t sweat it if you’ve already grabbed a Smart Cover for your shiny new toy – the Fold-Up Keyboard is perfectly compatible.

You can do a myriad of things with your tablet – surf the web, download apps, get directions – but if you want crystal clear sound to go with your newfound computing power look no further than Logitech’s Mini Boombox. Don’t let its diminutive design fool you – this little package packs an audio wallop. It’s perfect for taking on the road, squeezing big sound into cramped quarters (we’re looking at you dorm dwellers!), or just enjoying a few good holiday tunes.

Let us know how you’re enjoying your gifts this holiday season – tablet, computer, or otherwise – in the comments!


  • I got a new Logitech Revue for Christmas! Very exciting! Oh, except for the part where it won’t activate (see also: http://bit.ly/unhLoA where there are literally dozens upon dozens of people with the same problem) and tech support isn’t open on Christmas Day (you know, the day when millions of people get new Logitech items as gifts and need help with them?). Yeah, that part was not so great. But now it’s the day after Christmas, and my Logitech Revue is up and runni– oh wait, no, it STILL won’t activate and telephone support just puts you on endless hold. Only it’s not even endless — they thoughtfully disconnect you at exactly 47 minutes. (Yeah, I tried four times and each time, whammo, 47 minutes *click*). Sent an e-mail in, and they said they’ll get back to me in 48 hours. So maybe, just maybe, by New Year’s Day I’ll be able to use my Christmas present. Oh, that’s unless it’s defective and I have to RMA it and send it back, where upon Logitech will replace my brand new Revue with a refurbished one. Yep, looking forward to it. Way to drop the ball, Logitech.

    • @Kevin, You can find update on the server issue on our forum as it is being actively taken care of. We apologize for the delay caused in getting your remote programmed.

  • I would love to play with my new logitech gift but seems logitech are too rubbish to provide a simple web service to a few hundred customers – we cant connect to server to update our Harmony Universal Remotes- Logitech will have to make a new year resolution to sort out their rubbush service!

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