Ten tips to keep you healthy and happy at work

Whether you spend five minutes or five hours using your keyboard or mouse, these recommendations can help you stay comfortable and productive. So take a minute to read through these – and make sure you’re doing everything right!

Make sure that your workspace is set up properly.

  1. Put keyboard and monitor directly in front of you with your mouse next to it.
  2. Have your elbow next to your side.
  3. Adjust the height of your chair and table so that the keyboard and mouse are at or below elbow height.
  4. Place your mouse within easy reach so that your elbow can remain next to your side when using it.
  5. Have your feet well supported and your shoulders relaxed.

Keep your shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands relaxed and comfortable as you work.


  1. Let your arms hang loosely at your sides for a moment, allowing them to dangle toward the floor and to become relaxed.
  2. Try to maintain this relaxed feeling while you work.
  3. If you have a palm rest, use it between keying tasks, not while typing. Using it while typing may increase pressure against the hand and increase the chance of injury.
  4. When you use your keyboard or mouse, avoid placing or supporting your wrists on sharp edges or on your desk.
  5. As you use your mouse, make sure that your elbow is next to your side. Keep your wrist relaxed and straight – don’t bend it up, down, or to either side. Keep your shoulders relaxed, do not hunch or shrug.

For more recommendations, check out our complete set of comfort guidelines.


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  • We spend 8+ hours a day siting at our desks! Without the proper posture you’re going to end up with back and neck pain almost every day. It’s hard to retrain yourself as to how you hold your hands when you type or remind yourself to sit up straighter, but it is possible.

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