Logitech and LifeSize Make Significant Strides in Cloud and Mobile

This year, Logitech for Business and LifeSize have been working closely together to achieve our joint goal of making business video communication ubiquitous, anytime and anywhere. We believe that the three critical drivers of broader video communication adoption will be moving the video infrastructure to the cloud and deploying it as a service, driving new levels of quality and cost of ownership for end points and extending the experience to the desktop and mobile platforms – a vision we’ve been sharing with you here for the past several months.

Today, we have made a series of announcements that will help the industry take a big step forward toward that ubiquity.

Logitech announced today the acquisition of Mirial, a Milan-based leading provider of desktop and mobile video conferencing solutions over IP, 3G and IMS networks. This move complements Logitech’s push in video communication at the desktop announced recently with the Jabra partnership and extends the reach and functionality of any enterprise video conferencing infrastructure. Mirial will be integrated into our LifeSize division.

We are also excited to announce the first integrated Logitech/LifeSize products coming to market after 18 months of joint development. LifeSize Connections, a new cloud based video communication infrastructure as a service, delivers secure HD video communications across the enterprise – connecting LifeSize video systems in conference rooms to desktop users on PCs or Macs. LifeSize Connections leverages technologies from recent Logitech acquisitions – SightSpeed and Paradial. In addition, LifeSize Passport Connect is the industry’s first sub-$1,000 HD video conferencing solution, combining features and capabilities from LifeSize Passport with Logitech web cameras.

For additional details on today’s news, swing by LifeSize’s blog for CEO Craig Malloy’s take.


Senior Vice President and General Manager, Logitech for Business @EricKintz


  • Eric, Mirial is more than Mobile video calling applications like Video contact center, Video Answering Machine & Broadcaster Genie.

    Are we going to see some of these products in A Logitech or LifeSize offers especially for consumer

    • Hi Khaled,
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we can’t comment on support for future products. Stay tuned here for future news and product updates.

  • Khaled,
    Not sure if too many consumers need a enterprise product like a video contact centre at home, or the ability to broadcast…

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