Survival Guide for Football Season – Harmony for Sports Fans

Between college bowl games and NFL playoffs around the corner, post-season excitement is in full effect. Not every fan is lucky enough to see a game in person, which makes the living room the most important room in your house on game day.

Now full-contact football is one thing, but battling your family over the remote is a whole other ball game. That’s why we’ve worked with our friends at popular dad blog,, to help you establish a game plan for taking back the living room on game day. These tips, combined with the one touch, no-huddle simplicity of a Harmony Universal Remote are sure to enhance your game day experience.

Survival Guide for Football Season
• Put in the pre-game work. “Do all your household to do’s in the morning and then you’re ready settle down to a game. I have older kids so I get them to watch the game with me sometimes or get them a video game or movie to watch on their own.” –rbeetle

• The best offense is an aggressive defense. “Come in the house and help Momma out with everything that might need to be done around the house (brownie points). That way, when I announce ‘I will be watching the game tonight,’ there are no objections. Next play: Take my 6-month-old with me and bring all her food, diapers, and toys to the ‘Man Cave’ and give Momma her ‘me time.’ That way, I will not be disturbed and won’t have to miss the game.” –amanns

• Use the clock (and DVR) to your advantage. “Catch a game that comes on after bedtime. Hello, West Coast hockey games!” –mamasarah

• Be a team player. “I get my strategy straight from my football team. At my house game day is a team event. I include the whole family (in-laws and all)! I have found that my nephews (9 and 10 years old) and niece (8 years old) have an uncanny ability to entertain my 3-year-old son. My mother in-law and sister in-laws have the same uncanny ability to entertain my wife. This team strategy leaves all of the guys to watch the game uninterrupted. I will need to add to the game plan for next year as I now have a 2-day-old son. I have faith that my coaching staff and I can conquer the hurdle of the new addition.” –ataylor116

What are your tips for taking back the living room on game day? Tell us in the comments!


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