Irma: The Family that Revues Together

For Irma and her family, Google TV has become the new family hangout – online and in the house.
“It’s central to where the family hangs out. It’s where everyone wants to be – to show off, to be together, to have family time,” said Irma.

Having Revue attached to a TV in the living room doesn’t just give TV watching and Web surfing a bigger screen, with an open floorplan in her house, Irma and her husband Jose can be in the kitchen and keep an eye on what everyone else is up to.

“My son Nico, he’s 7. With Google TV, he doesn’t want to be in his room. He wants to do things and be able to say, ‘Hey Mom, Dad, look at this!’ If I’m cooking or finishing up eating, there’s, ‘Mom, how do you spell Apistogramma Brietbinden?’ and he’s pulling up content about fish – he’s really into fish right now. We’re doing it together, but he still has the freedom to do it for himself.”

“Nathan is 13. He will be in his room, but he’ll come running out and put on a video he thinks we have to see. Or he’ll call out of his room to me. ‘Mom, have you heard this this new Rhianna/Drake song?’ and get me to punch it up on the TV.”

Whether it’s sports, a movie or being impressed by a 7-year-old breakdancing master, Revue brings them together.

“It brings us around the TV more often. Most of the time we were spending on laptops is now around the TV together. And just exploring because we can.”


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