Logitech Unveils New Wireless Trackball

Attention trackball fans, your day has come!

Today we announced the new Logitech Wireless Trackball M570, designed to deliver comfort and control to those who are looking for an alternative to touchpads or traditional mice. The Wireless Trackball M570 is uniquely designed for all-day comfort and features the leave-in Logitech Unifying receiver.

For those who haven’t tried a trackball, one of the many benefits is that it stays put. Unlike a traditional mouse, you don’t have to move your arm to move your cursor. As a result, it’s a great space saver if you have a small or cluttered desk. Plus, the sculpted shape supports your hand comfortably all day long.

The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 also delivers precise cursor control wherever you want — hard tables, comfy sofas and lumpy beds are all no problem. The laser tracking sensor uses the ball, rather than a surface, to guide movement, so you can use it almost anywhere.

Check out this video to learn more about the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 from Global Product Marketing Manager Dayne Wilcox.


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  • Why oh why cant you make a wireless wheelman that just has a usb input without a long cord and remote sensor
    the wheelman is perfect for laptops and I have used one for years…its all i’ll use on any pc, but its especially handy for laptops. The signal usually doesnt need to travel more than 12 inches so why havent you offered one with a small usb input instead of a long cord (which I am trying to eliminate in the first place with my wired wheelman)? ps…I have been patiently waiting for years…please hurry

    • Hi Mark,

      Take another look at the video – I think the 570 is just what you’re describing…


  • I love Logitech’s trackballs and I am on my second one which is wireless. I highly recommend these.

    My first one was a wired version and lasted a long time. My second trackball was the first generation of wireless and now I am not restricted by a cord.

    I have Fibromyalgia and my arms get tired and stiff much too easily and to be able to rest my hand and arm and just utilize my thumb to surf the net is a minor miracle. Any one with arthritis and other conditions really should check these trackballs out.

    When I look at the standard mouse, all I can think of is it reminds me of playing with toy cars with all the sliding of the mouse on a desk to get the curser to move. Looks old fashioned to me.

    Now you have come out with an even better more sleek wireless connection and I think this is great. Will hold onto my old one until it expires and will buy another even better trackball at that time.

    For the price, Logitech provides excellent products and they make the efforts to innovate.

    Since Logitech has shown such great innovation with wireless mice, I wish they would make a wireless thx speaker system for the z2300 or z632 for us hard of hearing who could sit a satellite speaker on side table and make adjustments to treble and base.

    • Hi Trillium,

      Thanks for the feedback – and I’ll make sure to pass your speaker comment along to the audio team.


  • I have used the wired Trackballs and the wireless. I love the feel of the mouse, but have repeatedly wished for a wireless version that did not have the clunky old receiver that the old wireless version has, even making repeated requests to Logitech for it.

    I am very glad you have finally come out with one. The only thing it is missing in my opinion is Bluetooth connectivity. Why have a receiver at all when Bluetooth is so much easier? Many PCs now have Bluetooth on board. I hate having to use one of my USB ports for a wireless receiver when I have Bluetooth. I do appreciate that it uses the universal wireless receiver, but universal only applies to other Logitech devices that are compatible. While I appreciate Logitech’s hardware, I would prefer more flexibility, which Bluetooth would offer.

    Seriously, why aren’t there more Bluetooth input devices yet??

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thanks for the feedback. We considered Bluetooth but went with our 2.4 GHz wireless technology to dramatically improve battery life and latency.


  • Thank you so much for this ! I’m a long time trackball user (since the awesome Microsoft Trackball Optical (bought 2 of this) and then the Logitech Trackman (bought 2 of this also) ). I’m aware that trackballs are kind of a niche market and i was worried that i would not be able to replace my trackman if this product was discontinued. I think Logitech is now the only company with a “thumb-ball” trackball still on the market. I already placed my order.

  • What is the dpi of this new trackball? That is the only thing I feel that is lacking of the the current trackballs.

    • Hi Ken,

      The native resolution of the sensor is approximately 450 dpi. Using our Setpoint software, you can go even higher than this, and of course down to extremely slow speeds.


  • This is what everyone have been waiting for! Thx for not ditching your loyal trackball customers! The only thing that seems to be missing from this otherwise perfect offering is the lack of a 4 way scroll wheel?

    Regardless, I am going to buy 2 of these as soon as this is out. Hopefully there will be one with 4 way scroll wheel, and maybe a better color scheme in the future. Hopefully this will be a start of a slew of more trackball offerings, like Bluetooth version, thumb version, smaller notebook version, etc for others who prefer slightly different configurations. I mean, if there’s 1 new trackball for ever 10 new mices that’ll be nice!

    Thx Logitech!!

  • All the PR and not a word about availability. I even went to pre-order, but unlike reputable retailers there was no mention of an expected ship date before I put my financial information in, so I didn’t pre-order. How hard is it to tell us when these will be available?

    • Hi HBergeron,

      I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. The M570 is expected to become available starting in October.


    • Hi Don,

      You are correct – in my haste to respond to Brian above, I provided the wrong information (now corrected). The M570 is a right-handed design. My apologies for the confusion.


  • Hi there. I am in the market for a new trackball and while I have had an older Trackman Wheel for years, I am considering the Optical Trackman with the larger ball that is fingertip controlled.

    My question for you is this, will there be a new Optical Trackman in the near future that resembles this new Trackman Wheel? Notably, with the unifying receiver and the new color design (blue colored ball and darker base)? If you put one out I can tell you that I’ll buy one the same day.


  • Traditional forms carved Logitech supports your hand so you can work comfortably all day. Logitech tried and 2.4 GHz wireless connection you can control the laptop, desktop computers and home theatre PC for up to 30 feet away. It has 18 months battery life which is best point. My first was a wired version and it took a long time. Another ball was the first generation of wireless and now I am not a result of limited.

  • I look forward to upgrading my beloved Trackman with a tilty wheel and a couple more buttons. Are you telling me that I can throw away that awful corded dongle reciever thing too?!? Sign me up!

    Rory… Your link earlier refering to ambidextrous design really has no information. Could you please explain how this works. I just don’t see how a lefty could use these.

  • Rory,

    Forget all the nitpick feedback so far. Yes it doesn’t have all the features I wanted either but WHO CARES! The fact that you finally UPDATED our beloved trackball is just downright AWESOME! THANK YOU for doing this and giving us trackball users a reason to stick with Logitech! My extra unopened Trackman Wheel that I was keeping “just in case” can now reside in my personal nostalgia collection, now that I can move forward and pre-order my M570 today! THANKS LOGITECH!!!

  • Thank you!

    You know that part in the movie Wall-E when he sees Eve for the very first time, and Etta James’ “At Last” begins playing…

    That’s how it was when I saw this new mouse.

    Of course, the next questions is “when will it hit the stores?”

  • Dear Rory,

    First of all I would like to thank All great Logitech team. Finally trackball users wishes came true. Thank God for that!!

    Long story short, when this product will be available?


  • *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!* I am SOOOO excited! It’s the trackman I’ve loved for almost a decade…. wireless, contoured beautifully, and with a BLUE ball! Oh thank you Logitech tech peoples who designed this. I would kiss you if you would fit through my ethernet cable! *LOVES!* This is gonna look SO sweet next to my blue UV glowing tower. Seriously… who-ever designed this, LOOK ME UP. I LOVE YOU.

  • Hi Rory!

    Love the news on the M570, but as Jennifer said above, I would really love to see a Bluetooth version of this roll out. Any chance of a BT model coming in the future?

    I wrote an article on trackballs a while ago on my blog – hope you can stop by and have a read:


    Since I’m a heavy notebook user, this wireless version will come in perfect for me. The luxury of not having to deal with wires when I’m on the go all day with my notebook/netbook will be a welcome convenience. Congrats to Logitech for making this long-overdue product a reality.

  • Finally!
    So, are you going to refresh the whole line-up or is it just this one model?
    If it’s all of them, I hope you’ll be doing something about the ergonomics of the Cordless Optical TrackMan, as it’s not all that great.

    As for it being ambidextrous: How does that work? It seems decidedly right-handed to me. Or will you be releasing a mirrored version?

  • Is there a release date for this yet?

    Thank you so much for finally bring lazar to the trackball and the added buttons.

    I have the Cordless Optical TrackMan because of the extra buttons. Now I will finally be able to go back to a thumb ball. SO much better.

  • Fell in love w/ trackballs back in the ’90s, when I had about 2′ sq. desktop space available, and the Trackman has always been my favorite of the ones I’ve tried. I’ve worn a couple of ’em out, so far, and was thinking — just yesterday — that I’d make the move to wireless w/ my desktop PC… if only there was a wireless Trackman. Oho! There is! Now I have no excuses.

    Most of my questions have already been addressed above, but I have two more:

    1. do I understand correctly that only one Logitech receiver is required for multiple devices? Will my wireless game controller receiver, for example, work w/ a keyboard & Trackman?

    2. my current Trackman was a slight disappointment in one way: instead of just releasing a retaining ring to pop out the trackball & clean the insides (old version), I now have to pull the bottom off for periodic cleaning (new version). The page for the M570 promises easy removal for cleaning… has Logitech gone back to a retaining ring? Or is there some solution better than the newer wired one that I have?

  • Yes, finally there appears to be a suitable replacement for the discontinued Microsoft Trackball Optical! I ‘m looking forward to getting my hand on this.

    Can you please give us an ETA for the pre-orders? A ballpark (next month? next year?) would be appreciated.

  • I love the look of this device and will buy one when it comes out. My roommate likes a trackball but likes the model where she uses her fingers on the ball, not the thumb. Any chance of making one similar to trackman marble wireless?

  • Very solid, most of what I was looking for in one packet. Will be my 4th Trackman (started with a cord) have two cordless one for work one for home. Not counting the 2 I bought from my mother. Only thing missing was 4-way scroll. You have it on other products just seemed like an obvious missing piece. Hopefully the wireless receiver will work with my existing logitech wireless keyboard.

  • I would like to see this device with the side-scrolling function of the center wheel like the MX Anywhere Mouse has. It is one of my favorite features of the MX Anywhere Mouse, and is the one thing I miss most whenever I use my corded Logitech trackball. (I have two of these new thingies pre-ordered, but I’d buy another one if it had the side-scrolling center wheel.)

  • Sweet!
    I’ve been a huge trackman marble fan since the mid 90’s. I have despised using mice ever since. Why exercise my way toward carpal tunnel when my thumb can do everything effortlessly and without all the other issues?

    These are the best! This is my third, only because my first had a ps2 connection that my newer computer no longer has, but the old on still works great with my old docking station.

    This is now my third and I’m happily using it wirelessly right now. I just picked it up at best buy! Thanks guys!

    Here’s my question, I’d like to be able to only have one on my desk rather than two, Can I get another universal receiver and have the same m570 work on two different pcs?

    Thanks so much!


  • what happens to latency when we use a keyboard and a mouse with a single unifying dongle? I’m a WoW player and latency is bad to my DPS 😀


  • Hi,
    It’s very nice to see there is a finally an update to the logitech trackball.
    I have been waiting for this one for quite a while to get rid of the extra (and bulky) receiver.
    The extra buttons are nice but it would have been better to be able to have the web browsing backwards and forwards commands added to the scroll wheel, like it is available on many logitech mice which allow you to do this by tilting the scroll wheel from side to side.
    Either way I can’t wait until it is available, I just got a laptop as a desktop replacement and this is perfect for my new set-up.

  • Hey this is awesome. I waited sooo long for an update of the logitech trackball!
    But how is the wheel? Is it the same as in the old one? I hope not. Never liked that wheel.

  • Are there any plans to make this design into a corded version? Also is there any plans to make another trackball mouse in the future that is more designed for the gamer in mind? I love the trackball series but I would really like to see one with a few more buttons.. like 6 or 8ish. Any chances?

  • Amazing web site, where did you found this details in this posting? I am glad I discovered it. i am going to be checking back quickly to see what other articles you’ve got.

  • I love my trackman! I have been using them since they first came out in the 90s. We got most of the family to convert to these also. I have been waiting years and I am so glad you finally made a new one.

    Does the m570 use current laser technology? No more black dots on a ball?

  • Did I read that right in the above post?

    ” I just picked it up at best buy! Thanks guys! ”

    Are these available at Best Buy already?

  • What’s the point in a wireless thumb drive trackball for right handers?
    What a shame this opportunity was not spent on developing the marble mouse, which while very good only needs a bigger ball and a wheel to be the best trackball ever in my opinion. Too few mousers I meet even know the Marble exists.
    Logitech might have noticed the many regrets about the demise of Microsoft’s explorer mouse and which sell on ebay for up to $500 like collector’s items.
    Of all the trackers I have tried I never used that model, but can’t argue against its popularity.

  • Logitech, thanks for the effort and expense of introducing this new trackball! It has most of the new features many have asked for, and it’s reasonable to minimize the power demand by using the 2.4 ghz wireless instead of Bluetooth. One major disappointment for me however, is the decision to offer this upgrade in the thumb operated ball format. I particularly believe this is the worst layout for a trackball, as the motion is difficult to control and is very jerky and un precise compared to a finger tip operated, larger ball size trackball. I am still amazed Logitech ever produced this type of trackball because of seriously poor tracking control of thumb operated devices. I can only hope that there will be a continuation of the trackball upgrades to be offered, and am looking forward to a device similar in shape and layout of the Trackman Marble FX., that includes a high inertia scroll wheel also.

  • I still use the trackball explorer for 3D modeling. The control of the ball is shared by my middle three fingers, affording me more control, range and less fatigue. Brilliantly, the left side of the device is essentially a mouse (left/right/wheel) turned on its side for easy access by my thumb. I have always found the lighter tact switch depression of defunct Microsoft products to be superior to the logitech devices– which is why my spaceball navigator has been shelved.

    At $350 on ebay I consider the Trackball Explorer a bargain, even if I have to pop out and rotate the bearings every three years.

    Ironically, I started using the Trackball Explorer about eight years ago so that I could do 3D modeling work on a plane– I could put the trackball in my lap, and it was wired, required by federal law. For me, this is still a requirement.

    I’m looking at this new product wondering how much value has been added. I’m well familiar with product refreshes and the need to appease an established user base, I work in product development. Sure, some technologies that exist in the other product lines have been adapted to the trackball, but isn’t that just a retrofit? Actually, it’s really just cost reduction through a common component supply chain, the old products were getting expensive to produce.

    Maybe there’s just no money to be made in true innovation of trackball devices when they are such a marginal product, or maybe that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    I guess there isn’t much competition in this space. Maybe that’s why everyone is “thanking” Logitech for their effort.

  • Are profiles (custom DPI settings) stored on the mouse or does it need to be connected to a PC to use them?

  • I am a big fan of the trackball, especially for gaming. I previously had the Logitech Cordless Optical Trackman. My only concern is moving from fingertip control to thumb, any thoughts on that?

  • Why don’t you produce a track ball with the ball on top, so it can be operated using your fingers instead of your thumb? Much better control!

  • This is going to be awesome! I love the trackman and having a wireless one and a wireless keyboard and not having to have two dangling receivers on USB cords will be great. What is the approximate range using the 2.4Ghz unifying receiver technology?

  • I have been a fan of the Trackman for quite a whle. After my mouse died, I borrowed my first on and feel in love with it immediately. I bought had to buy my own. After seven yrs of use, I had to replace it. This time, I went out and got the cordless trackman. This was the worst user interface device I have ever wasted money on. So I went out and purchased another corded trackman. I still have it after 4 years of use.

    This past week, I went out and purchased the M570. I like it except the scroll wheel was defective. Nothing worse the trying to read the news and having your screen constantly move up and down. I took it back and got it exchanged for a new M570. Now I have a new problem, I can not stop using it. The addition of the 2 new back and forward buttons was brilliant. Even with game it is great with First Person Shooters that I like. This is definitly a must buy. I am so glad that logitech finally decided to make a new thumb trackball. I have a lot of friends who are really annoyed with me on how easy it is to use that they now have to go out and get one.

    Now if we can get them to make an even more advanced gaming version with higher dpi and a few more buttons this would be heaven.

  • I used a Trackman Wheel (very similar to this “new” trackball) on my left hand just to get the wheel. The ball was actually more effective with my left hand fingers than my right hand thumb, though I am right handed, when my right was occupied for instance needing to scroll while holding the ‘phone.

  • Those who have noted the demise of Microsoft’s Explorer trackball might also have noticed various expressions of regret on the internet, over the passing of Logitech’s Trackman Marble (probably not the later wireless version).
    These equally are collector’s items (not just to look at) and I have seen instances of pleadings with Logitech to reintroduce them.

  • I’m happy to see, that there is a new Trackman and it is already on my desk 😉 .
    I’m using the Logitech thump operated trackball since the first Trackman Marble series and think, that those devices are the best input devices on the marked and the design has been improved by each new generation.

    I’m very happy about the new forward / backward keys.

    For some applications it would be better to have a wired version (no battery required). But with a battery lifetime more than 12 month this should be ok.

    But I’m very disappointed, that there is no 4 Way Mousewheel.

    • Hi Frank,

      Glad to hear you purchased the M570 — and thanks for the feedback on the scrolling wheel.


  • When will we see the Cordless Optical TrackMan on Logitech unifying technology?

    Fingertip ball control gives better ergonomics over thumb control. Cordless Optical TrackMan with the big, wired receiver is a no-no for travelling laptop users.

    I’d buy one immediately if it was released with unifying. As long as the Cordless Optical TrackMan is sold with the big wired receiver, I might as well still stay on with my ageing wired MS Trackball Explorer.

  • I have been using Logitech trackballs from pretty much day 1 .

    My first was with my Win 98 computer.
    This was pre-USB so it has a little round plug on the end of the cord, and has a smaller ball than the current models.

    It still works just fine.

    After that I did venture over to the Dark Side and buy another make of trackball.
    Mmmmm…. you know who was the manufacturer.

    It was useless as it it kept getting clogged up with my dermal detritus !!!

    So I ditched it and bought another Logitech

    My current 2 are TrackMan Wheel corded on 2 laptops,……I can’t get on with laptop trackpads !!!

    As I am getting another laptop, I wonder if I should stick with the corded or move up to the M570 ?

    The frequency it uses, 2.4ghz, isn’t that the same as the wifi channels ?
    Can you get interference between them ??

    • Hi mxb,

      Our advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology is very reliable — it virtually eliminates delays and dropouts even in the busiest wireless environments, such as an office.

      I hope you will give M570 a try.


  • Is the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570
    for right handed people only?
    Will there be a version for left handed people too
    or is is already available (online or shops)?


    • Hi Omer,

      Your are correct that the M570 features a design for right-handed people. Unfortunately we do not currently have a version for left-handed people.


  • There never was a left handed version of any previous handed model, to my knowledge.
    Though right handed I believe that generally ambidextrous, finger driven trackballs are best. I have bought and tried most trackballs on the market.
    I just bought a spare Marble Mouse trackball because I am concerned that model will be discontinued. Very few on the market compare with this model, I will probably stock up with more.

  • It took almost a decade, but I’m glad to see Logitech finally listened to all of us who petitioned for a better cordless trackman. After stumbling across the M570, I immediately rushed out from work at lunch and purchased one at BestBuy today. Tomorrow is a holiday so I’ll be using and testing it a lot tonight! I’ve been using a trackman thumb ball since they 1st came out and this release ranks up there with the new Tron movie!!! (My favorite movie when I was youngling) Anyhow, I hope your sales results will show just how many of us avid fans are there and thus compell Logitech to continue to make newer and better trackman products for years to come!

    Again, thank you for listening to us and continuing the trackman thumb ball line!


  • Looks like a fantastic product and something that I have been waiting for since I moved to the trackman 2 years ago, will place the order today, Thanks, Logitech has great products and is one of the few companies that always seems to nail every bullet point.

  • I am happy to see this device, I have arthritis and currently use the optical trackman. The receiver has issues with my Toshiba notebook, one stopped working and the other receiver I used from an older mouse works but in bounces in and out of being recognized. I was sent a replacement which I have not used yet because I am thinking of selling it and buy the M570. Also the reception of the optical trackman is way less than 6 feet. So I think the M570 without wires and the bluetooth reception range should be very popular.

  • In have used the Cordless Optical Trackman on my laptop a homet for a year and it has been terrific. I bought another one for my office (wifi connection). A couple of weeks ago I had a problem with the cursor having a mind of its own: wandering all over the desktop and opening pages. My computer guy thinks it might be interference from some nearby computer user. For the time being I am using a Logitech wired optcal mouse and it seems OK


  • Today technology are going grown very fast………. I think wiless technology capture the market and is very useful to use it and carry any where… Their are so many wireless thing we could use… This is very interesting article…. Thanks so much…………….

  • I have been using Logitech trackballs since they appeared. I do a lot of drafting in Autocad so they work great for me. Recently my trackman stopped working after years of hard work. I must admit that this is the best so far and I’m glad there is no four way scroll since I use the scroll wheel as a double click button. Love the forward and back buttons! KUDOS!!!

  • I too have been using and loving trackman products for about 20 years. I am glad to see a new one.

    Will there be a bluetooth version, so I won’t need a usb key at all in my notebook?

    Thanks for the great new addition!

  • This would be fantastic …… if I were not LEFT HANDED.
    Logitech seems to still think everyone is right handed.

    • Hi Candace,

      Unfortunately, we can’t comment on our plans for future products but thank you for the comment.


  • I love my Trackman, but I really don’t care to have a wireless one. The trackball doesn’t have the problem of dragging a cord around, since it is stationary and only the ball moves. And I don’t want to have to keep batteries in the darn thing.

    I would love to see a left handed version, for my girlfriend.

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