Our Audio Begins with You

To deliver great products – good looks, the right features, and awesome audio – I strive to understand my customers and the industry inside and out. To develop a speaker people want, I look at customers from a holistic perspective, understanding their challenges and helping them address their biggest problems.

Through market research, we often uncover significant insights into what people want – even if they don’t know how to describe it – which allow us to pinpoint product designs or features. We also engage in concept and product design testing. Through these processes we are able to understand the appeal of specific products, shaping design and functionality to meet the concerns expressed by customers.

So before you pick up a Logitech PC or iPod speaker, know that it was designed and developed by people like you – and then my team collaborates to ensure you get a premium audio experience.

Check out Sound Central at Logitech.com to learn more and check out the products.


Product Line Manager, PC Speakers


  • With the availability of Video call applications for smartphones, are you planning to release a webcam for android smartphones with no front facing camera?

    Smartphone Application: FRING
    Smartphone Device: Motorola Droid (only rear facing camera)
    Carrier: Verizon Wireless


    Chito Manas
    California, USA

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