Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Massive Attack

Who wants some Trip Hop? Not sure what this sound is like? Don’t worry as this month we’re bringing you Massive Attack, the band generally credited with creating the genre. Before I go any further, yes I know they don’t like to put themselves in any one genre and I tend to agree. I just make the note because I believe lots of you will be digging their sound and will want to know where you can get more tasty jams in the same vein…

Massive Attack has been around for 20 years. Some of you might be like “Todd, I’ve been listening to these guys since before you became the greatest Internet blogger of all time!” Thanks for the compliment, but we also know there are still lots of people who haven’t yet had a chance to experience these legends. Massive Attack’s new album is quite experimental, something they’ve become experts at, and shows that after 20 years, they continue to push boundaries and redefine the genre. Their music mantra is “avoid the obvious”. We’re honored to have them as part of our program.

Check them out at UltimateEars.com or at their Web site: http://massiveattack.com/.


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