Logitech Audio Labs – A Passion for Sound

The employees of the Logitech audio labs – people I’m glad to call my friends – are passionate about music and I think it shows in our final products. Whether we played an instrument in high school, jam in a rock band today, or just enjoy listening to music everyday, we don’t make products we wouldn’t buy ourselves!

And to make sure we deliver the best products possible, we have our own state-of-the-art testing facilities. On-site, our team has at their fingertips an extensive loudspeaker driver laboratory, laser tuning technology, a compliance chamber, a semi-anechoic chamber, and other cool stuff! As a result, the Logitech audio team has been able to deliver quality performance and value, as well as deliver many innovations into the market, for over a decade.

Want to learn more? Check out Sound Central at Logitech.com.


Product Line Manager, PC Speakers

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