Logitech Blows into the Windy City for the gdgt Chicago Party

Some of you may be familiar with gdgt (like gadget or g-d-g-t), a technology site that is also a social gadget platform. We’ve partnered with the site to showcase our products at a series of parties in the U.S. Last Wednesday was the gdgt Chicago party.

When we arrived at Gallery 233, we were looking forward to a great night of tech talk with the Windy City’s technophiles. And when the line grew and grew and grew outside – even when it started raining – we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed.

The Logitech table at the event was filled with some of our latest gadgets, including the Performance Mouse MX, Squeezebox Radio, Speaker Lapdesk N700 and several models of Ultimate Ears earphones. A few lucky attendees even walked away with a pair of Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5vi earphones or a colorful V220 Cordless Optical Mouse.

Check out more pics from the event here. And, if you weren’t able to make this one, hopefully we’ll see you at the next GDGT party 🙂


Sr. Manager, Corporate Communications and Social Media