Ultimate Ears’ January Artists to Watch: dan le sac Vs Scoobius Pip and Cloud Cult

Twenty Ten has arrived and at Ultimate Ears, we’ve definitely put the “awesome” in “new decade” (add an “s” and an “m” and you’ll see it clearly). Earlier this month at CES, our Ultimate Ears 700 noise-isolating earphones were a CES Innovations Honoree winner, and then at NAMM, our UE-18’s and our booth were both hotter than a mosh pit (NAMM loves the metal).

Now that we have a minute to catch our breath, I’d like to introduce to you our Artists to Watch for January:

dan le sac Vs Scoobius Pip:

dan le sac Vs Scoobius Pip is a duo from the UK. They received both commercial and critical success with their first album and their second album is highly anticipated and should be big with the kids. We get to give a sneak peak in January on what they’ve been working on. But don’t take my word for it…listen to what trained professionals say!

“Scroobius Pip waxes art, religion, fame, and hip-hop into one prosaic flow that is at once sardonic, satirical, and reverent.” – Popmatters

“This album truly covers all the angles, and stands as one of the year’s more daring releases.” – OKAYPLAYER

To hear their work, peep this link:

Cloud Cult:

Cloud Cult is an indie sensation from Minneapolis. Inspired by Brett Favre and the Vikings (OK, I made that part up), they have won numerous awards and are also known for being highly environmentally conscious. They are just releasing a lost works CD along with a newly remixed/ re-mastered double album of their original first 2 recordings. Most importantly, we just really like their sound. Here is what the other some other dudes have said

“Insane genius…Records this casually monumental are rare indeed.” – Pitchforkmedia

To hear their work, check this following hyperlink (Fun Fact: Did you know the Hyperlink was developed by a team including Doug Englebart who sits just a few cubes over from me at our office? He also invented the mouse. I like to think I inspired him to do all these things. Doug is a huge Jay-Z fan…I think)


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