Logitech: Reporting Back from gamescom and GDC Europe

As the Senior Manager of Business Development for the gaming group at Logitech, I had the pleasure of attending the GDC Europe and Gamescom in Cologne, Germany last week. Cologne is a vibrant city sitting on the Rhine River in western part of the country. Gamescom was an immense show, held in four large public halls and two business halls! The show was expected to host over 200,000 attendees and it seemed like they eclipsed that number easily.

Some of the highlights for me were…

  • The demo of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was intrigued by how the choice driven model that BioWare is famous for will play out in a MMOG. I, like many, have played several of their previous games and come to a critical decision point and saved the game before moving forward. I am very interested to see how this game develops.
  • Need For Speed: SHIFT looked amazing. EA was running a competition in which the winner was eligible to win a BMW M3. Sadly it wasn’t the 1,000 horse power one pictured below. Actually, since I didn’t win maybe that’s a good thing or I’d be really depressed!
  • StarCraft 2. I loved the original StarCraft and the next version looks even better. This is an amazing game and I can’t wait until it comes out.
  • Activision’s DJ Hero looks like it is going to be a blast. I can imagine people enjoying a party with the music being provided by playing DJ Hero. I took a turn on the turntable and had a lot of fun, but I don’t think I’ll quit my day job.

Going to these shows is already so much fun because I get to do good business while checking out the newest game titles and technologies. Unfortunately, like the rest of you, I have to wait for these hot tiles to hit the shelves


Director Of Innovations & Strategy at Logitech

One comment

  • Hi Vicent, nice event! I sow some reviews… We’ll just wait theses hot titles.

    So, I was looking for a MKT or Sales Contact to some actions in Brazil. If you cold, send me the name of the owner?

    I have a Consultant company, and we attend here in Brazil some Retailers (like Fnac, Wal Mart, Carrefour, etc) and they always ask me (and my team) where is possible to buy a Logitech produtcs. It’s crazy, but here in BR, Microsoft products (hardwares) has a largest mkt share and a lot of produtcs to sell. We know that nowadays, there is only one oficial distribuitor to Brazil, but they don’t have “sales engagement” to sell to this accounts…

    By the way, if you send my comments to the MKT or Sales Mang, I will explain better.
    Renato Voltarelli

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