Ultimate Ears’ July Artist to Watch: PROJECT

One of our July artists to watch at Ultimate Ears happens to be a project called PROJECT. The group consists of three classically trained musicians who have basically thrown out the playbook on how a bass, cello and flute would normally come together. As such, I can’t even really define their sound except to say that it is as eclectic as the city of New York where they hail from. I have always been a fan of Danny Elfman’s work in movies and in some way these guys remind me of the same enthusiasm found in his work. It’s fun and all over the place, especially when their flute player starts doing some awesome “flute-box” versions of the Super Mario Brothers theme song and Inspector Gadget. You’ll find these gems along with other PROJECT stuff on YouTube. They’ll also be playing dates throughout the summer and have their first West Coast swing planned for early fall.


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