Announcing Two New MetroFi Headphones from Ultimate Ears by Logitech

Bonjour, I’m Philippe Depallens and I am the head of Logitech’s Ultimate Ears product group, which is located in the OC (yeah, baby!), also known as Orange County, California. I’ve been with Logitech for more than 16 years (what can I say, I love gadgets). I like to ski, play tennis and play Rock Band with my kids (trying to stay hip…).

When I joined the Ultimate Ears team last September (following Logitech’s acquisition of the company), I received a pair of custom in-ear monitors – the Custom UE 11 Pro – that many musicians and professionals use on stage. I tried them for the first time on my flight back to the Bay Area (I am currently commuting back and forth between the OC and the Bay). During that short trip, I discovered what incredible sound they delivered. In fact, I was so immersed in listening to my playlist that I ended up being reprimanded by the flight attendant for not switching off my iPod during landing (oh boy, she was not happy with me).

Since not everyone can afford a pair of custom in-ear monitors, we’ve just announced two additions to our MetroFi line of noise-isolating earphones – the new MetroFi 170 and the MetroFi 220. These earphones allow you to truly immerse yourself in your music so you can really get into the zone. Besides the excellent sound quality, the MetroFi 170 and MetroFi 220 stay in my ears and feel good (the team added different sizes of ear cushions to make sure you can find one that fits your ears). You’ll find that these earphones are a great upgrade from the uncomfortable and tinny ear buds that came with your MP3 player.

So now you can rediscover your music collection with sounds you’ve never heard before, experiencing each song the way it was meant to be heard. Just remember to turn off your MP3 player before landing. ;o)

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