Buying CDs on Amazon Using Your Squeezebox

I admit I’m not exactly 21st century when it comes to buying music. I still buy CDs and rip them to my iTunes library when they arrive in the mail. I like to own the music I truly love and use it the way I want. That is why, when I do download (for those times when I want immediate gratification), I download from AmazonMP3, not iTunes. Music purchased on iTunes can only be played on Apple devices and I do not want to be held hostage to any one device. Anyway, I digress.

Getting back to my CD problem. You know that feeling when you’re listening to a great song on Pandora or Rhapsody and you just have to own it? You want the music, but by the time the song is over, you haven’t figured out the name of artist and the moment is lost. Well, we’ve just added a feature to every Squeezebox to make it easier to buy a CD when you are in that moment.

If a song comes on your Squeezebox that you’re interested in purchasing, you simply select “on Amazon” and the albums that feature that song will be displayed. You select the one(s) you want to buy (there is no limit to the number of CDs you can add to your cart), and then you can either go to the Web to review your cart on for immediate check out, or you can save the album(s) in your cart for purchase at a later time. I recommend you try this – it is very cool.

Hope all your holidays are bright and alive with music,



Vice President and General Manager, Streaming Media Systems