Day 7: Billie Meets Jerry Quindlen, Logitech CEO, and Daniel Borel, Logitech co-founder

Q: Who invented the mouse and when was it first demonstrated in public?

Q: Chi ha inventato il mouse e quando?

Q: Wer hat die Maus erfunden – und wann?

Q: ¿Quién inventó el ratón? ¿Cuándo?

Q: Qui a inventé la souris et en quelle année?

Today’s prize is: Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro

The answer to yesterday’s question (What is the name of Logitech’s first mouse and in what year was it released?) is: P-4 mouse, 1982.

Congratulations to the winner for yesterday’s question: Alex Lyne


The Billionth Mouse

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