Day 6: Billie Meets His Maker

Today, I visited Logitech in Fremont, California and met the team that created me. We had some meetings so they could tell me about the history of the computer mouse and I was able to share some ideas for future mouse features with them. We all got along really well.

Q: What is the name of Logitech’s first mouse and in what year was it released?

Q: Qual è il nome del primo mouse Logitech e in quale anno è stato commercializzato?

Q: Was war der Name der ersten Logitech-Maus und in welchem Jahr kam sie auf den Markt?

Q: ¿Cómo se llama el primer ratón de Logitech y en qué año salió a la venta?

Q: Quel fut le nom de la première souris Logitech et en quelle année a-t-elle été lancée?

Today’s prize is: Logitech PureFi Anytime

The answer to yesterday’s question (Where am I?) is: Sydney, Australia.

Congratulations to the winner for yesterday’s question: Jenni


The Billionth Mouse

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