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Hi, my name is Tim Leehane and I’m the director of product marketing for the Audio business unit in Vancouver, Washington. Just like most of my colleagues on the Audio team, I am an avid music lover – you can usually find me listening to some sort of music via my Logitech speakers or my Ultimate Ears headphones, or playing in my cover band, Hot Rod DeVille.

Here in Vancouver, Washington, my team works hard to make great audio products. But the world of acoustics can be mysterious — it can be difficult to understand some of the terminology (tweeter, anyone?) or to figure out which system is right for you. That’s why we’ve launched a new site, Sound Central.

If you visit the site, you’ll learn some acoustic basics, gain a better understanding as to which audio products are right for you, and see what makes our products sound so great. You can also spend some time getting to know our team members. I hope you enjoy the site, and that you’ll let me know what you think.


Director of Product Marketing, Video


  • I first ordered your sound system Logitech Z560 4.1 computer speakers on Dec. 10, 2003 through Amazon. I had to return this as one of the speakers did not work. They very quickly sent me a replacement and I loved the clarity and sound of this system. Unfortunately, within a year the sub-woofer went into the very quiet mode. I contacted Logitech support and others but never did receive a reply from anyone.

    I’m over sixty so don’t crank up the music loud. Just very disappointed with the service and have had this unit sitting on the shelf for two and a half years. Hopefully I may consider a donation to the Salvation Army as I don’t see any other options.

  • I have a question – why do the Di Novo Laser keyboard/mouse Bluetooth Setpoint 4.60 drivers not support the WIDCOMM 5.x+ stack as an optional download instead of the Windows Vista stack so we can use A2DP stereo headphones while we are working on our PCs? The older product software suites for Setpoint used to afford your Di Novo users either option…and now only the Windows stack is available for Vista upgrades. That precludes your customers from being able to use the full capbilities of Bluetooth…and it makes me VERY sad that I cannot listen to wireless A2DP stereo while I work.

  • Hi LoMiPo,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to connect a headset to the USB mini-receiver using the SetPoint 4.60 software on Windows Vista. We accepted this drawback to improve the stability of the Bluetooth wireless connection.


  • Hi Tim, I noticed that the Squeezebox controller has an IR and an audio jack on the top.

    Is there a way or plan to get streaming audio from the controller directly?

    It would be sweet if it could serve as a personal audio listening device too. I could understand the drain on the battery restrictions.. but even if it had to sit in its cradle that would still be great.

  • I’m not quite sure where to post this comment so I put it here. I recently ran across a great little product called iLibs that helped me solve a problem I was having with my Squeezebox Duet and iTunes. My Logitech Squeezebox Duet which works just fne but it only supports one music folder – in my case, my iTunes folder. I wanted to be able to continue to add music to iTunes and exceed the 160 gig limit if my classic iPod.
    So my issue wasn’t having multiple people with multiple iPods using the
    same computer to sync to the same library – what iLibs was designed for.
    In may case I am the only one using this laptop but I have a 160 gig
    iPod classic, a 2 gig Nano (for audio books) and the Squeezebox Duet –
    all accessing the same library. No problem – iLibs works fine for this.
    I just set up a Squeezebox library into which I dump all new CDs. I then set up two users using iLibs, one for the main libary that the Squeezebox Duet uses and one for the iPod classic, a smaller, subset of the main, larger library. Switching back and forth with iLibs is a snap.

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