Logitech Unveils New Wireless Trackball

Attention trackball fans, your day has come!

Today we announced the new Logitech Wireless Trackball M570, designed to deliver comfort and control to those who are looking for an alternative to touchpads or traditional mice. The Wireless Trackball M570 is uniquely designed for all-day comfort and features the leave-in Logitech Unifying receiver.

For those who haven’t tried a trackball, one of the many benefits is that it stays put. Unlike a traditional mouse, you don’t have to move your arm to move your cursor. As a result, it’s a great space saver if you have a small or cluttered desk. Plus, the sculpted shape supports your hand comfortably all day long.

The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 also delivers precise cursor control wherever you want — hard tables, comfy sofas and lumpy beds are all no problem. The laser tracking sensor uses the ball, rather than a surface, to guide movement, so you can use it almost anywhere.

Check out this video to learn more about the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 from Global Product Marketing Manager Dayne Wilcox.


Senior Vice President, Music

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  • Those who have noted the demise of Microsoft’s Explorer trackball might also have noticed various expressions of regret on the internet, over the passing of Logitech’s Trackman Marble (probably not the later wireless version).
    These equally are collector’s items (not just to look at) and I have seen instances of pleadings with Logitech to reintroduce them.

  • I’m happy to see, that there is a new Trackman and it is already on my desk ;-) .
    I’m using the Logitech thump operated trackball since the first Trackman Marble series and think, that those devices are the best input devices on the marked and the design has been improved by each new generation.

    I’m very happy about the new forward / backward keys.

    For some applications it would be better to have a wired version (no battery required). But with a battery lifetime more than 12 month this should be ok.

    But I’m very disappointed, that there is no 4 Way Mousewheel.

    • Hi Frank,

      Glad to hear you purchased the M570 — and thanks for the feedback on the scrolling wheel.


  • When will we see the Cordless Optical TrackMan on Logitech unifying technology?

    Fingertip ball control gives better ergonomics over thumb control. Cordless Optical TrackMan with the big, wired receiver is a no-no for travelling laptop users.

    I’d buy one immediately if it was released with unifying. As long as the Cordless Optical TrackMan is sold with the big wired receiver, I might as well still stay on with my ageing wired MS Trackball Explorer.

  • I have been using Logitech trackballs from pretty much day 1 .

    My first was with my Win 98 computer.
    This was pre-USB so it has a little round plug on the end of the cord, and has a smaller ball than the current models.

    It still works just fine.

    After that I did venture over to the Dark Side and buy another make of trackball.
    Mmmmm…. you know who was the manufacturer.

    It was useless as it it kept getting clogged up with my dermal detritus !!!

    So I ditched it and bought another Logitech

    My current 2 are TrackMan Wheel corded on 2 laptops,……I can’t get on with laptop trackpads !!!

    As I am getting another laptop, I wonder if I should stick with the corded or move up to the M570 ?

    The frequency it uses, 2.4ghz, isn’t that the same as the wifi channels ?
    Can you get interference between them ??

    • Hi mxb,

      Our advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology is very reliable — it virtually eliminates delays and dropouts even in the busiest wireless environments, such as an office.

      I hope you will give M570 a try.


  • Is the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570
    for right handed people only?
    Will there be a version for left handed people too
    or is is already available (online or shops)?


    • Hi Omer,

      Your are correct that the M570 features a design for right-handed people. Unfortunately we do not currently have a version for left-handed people.


  • There never was a left handed version of any previous handed model, to my knowledge.
    Though right handed I believe that generally ambidextrous, finger driven trackballs are best. I have bought and tried most trackballs on the market.
    I just bought a spare Marble Mouse trackball because I am concerned that model will be discontinued. Very few on the market compare with this model, I will probably stock up with more.

  • It took almost a decade, but I’m glad to see Logitech finally listened to all of us who petitioned for a better cordless trackman. After stumbling across the M570, I immediately rushed out from work at lunch and purchased one at BestBuy today. Tomorrow is a holiday so I’ll be using and testing it a lot tonight! I’ve been using a trackman thumb ball since they 1st came out and this release ranks up there with the new Tron movie!!! (My favorite movie when I was youngling) Anyhow, I hope your sales results will show just how many of us avid fans are there and thus compell Logitech to continue to make newer and better trackman products for years to come!

    Again, thank you for listening to us and continuing the trackman thumb ball line!


  • Looks like a fantastic product and something that I have been waiting for since I moved to the trackman 2 years ago, will place the order today, Thanks, Logitech has great products and is one of the few companies that always seems to nail every bullet point.

  • I am happy to see this device, I have arthritis and currently use the optical trackman. The receiver has issues with my Toshiba notebook, one stopped working and the other receiver I used from an older mouse works but in bounces in and out of being recognized. I was sent a replacement which I have not used yet because I am thinking of selling it and buy the M570. Also the reception of the optical trackman is way less than 6 feet. So I think the M570 without wires and the bluetooth reception range should be very popular.

  • In have used the Cordless Optical Trackman on my laptop a homet for a year and it has been terrific. I bought another one for my office (wifi connection). A couple of weeks ago I had a problem with the cursor having a mind of its own: wandering all over the desktop and opening pages. My computer guy thinks it might be interference from some nearby computer user. For the time being I am using a Logitech wired optcal mouse and it seems OK


  • Today technology are going grown very fast………. I think wiless technology capture the market and is very useful to use it and carry any where… Their are so many wireless thing we could use… This is very interesting article…. Thanks so much…………….

  • I have been using Logitech trackballs since they appeared. I do a lot of drafting in Autocad so they work great for me. Recently my trackman stopped working after years of hard work. I must admit that this is the best so far and I’m glad there is no four way scroll since I use the scroll wheel as a double click button. Love the forward and back buttons! KUDOS!!!

  • I too have been using and loving trackman products for about 20 years. I am glad to see a new one.

    Will there be a bluetooth version, so I won’t need a usb key at all in my notebook?

    Thanks for the great new addition!

  • This would be fantastic …… if I were not LEFT HANDED.
    Logitech seems to still think everyone is right handed.

    • Hi Candace,

      Unfortunately, we can’t comment on our plans for future products but thank you for the comment.


  • I love my Trackman, but I really don’t care to have a wireless one. The trackball doesn’t have the problem of dragging a cord around, since it is stationary and only the ball moves. And I don’t want to have to keep batteries in the darn thing.

    I would love to see a left handed version, for my girlfriend.

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